The One-Eyed Man

In the country of the blind, goes the saying, the one-eyed man is king.

Yeah, no.

It’s a nice saying, as such things go. Concise. You don’t have to be an all-seeing master of the universe. You just need to know more than the stupid monkey next door.

Nice thought. Totally wrong.

We’re seeing this play out right now. Here we have something new, something novel, and the one-eyed men and women among us are scrambling to see it, to understand it. They’re doing a decent job of it, too. We know more about it today than we did yesterday. We’ll know still more about it tomorrow.

We — the cyclops among us, anyway — are also learning how to manage it, contain it, survive it, if not yet individually, then as a herd of stupid monkeys. “Social distancing” is not a solution — it’s a stopgap, something to buy us time until we get the real solution in place: massive testing, methodical contact tracing, hotspot containment, the works.

If the saying were true, they would be our monarchs right now. Help us, Nerdy-One Kenobis! You’re our only hope!

And they are. They’re trying, too, as hard as they can. But they don’t reign. The blind do. The ignorant (to liberate the saying from its ableism) hold all the power. And they sure as hell ain’t giving it up.

We know this, too, not from a saying, but from all those disaster movies where a scientist tries to warn the powerful of the oncoming calamity. It’s not that the powerful are blind, or even all that ignorant. They refuse to listen. They shut their eyes, hoping it will all go away.

It never does.

It’s the refusal that breaks the saying, that undermines the lesson, that cancels the wisdom. They’re not blind. Their eyes are shut. Their eyes have been shut all their lives. That’s their world, the world they know, and they’ve gotten along pretty well in it, or well enough. Why look now?

Sucks for the rest of us, but hey. That’s our world. Omniscience has consequences. You had to look, didn’t you?

Sayings like that flatter their speaker, but the wisdom they impart is false. Ignorance doesn’t seek enlightenment, especially not yours. Ignorance only wants to remain ignorant, hermetically sealed in a fantasy world where shutting your eyes to horror keeps the horror away. At least until it kills you, or (to date) 80,000 of your fellow citizens. And then it won’t matter, will it?

And now that your eyes are open, here’s the truth about the Emperor’s New Clothes: Everybody else gets naked, too. The kid’s just a crank.


It’s the sort of blindness that rich people have. I know. One FB friend (rich family) posted last week about how great it was to open up the cottage after weeks of the province and media telling city morons to stay away because it might bring the Corona to rural areas that don’t have the facilities to handle this.

No one said anything, but it is also the circle he comes from. The insulation of money gives one the feeling that they won’t be touched or be the calamity people worry about.

/the Onion/

Dr. Fauci Warns Of Needless Suffering And Death If America Allowed To Continue

WASHINGTON—Emphasizing the dire consequences should the sovereign nation remain in existence, NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the public Tuesday of needless suffering and death if America were allowed to continue. “Let me be clear, if the United States of America persists into 2021, not only will many people die, but left unchecked, this federal republic will unleash untold destruction on the world,” said Fauci, adding that the North American country was already too far out of control…“Unfortunately, I can tell you that over the past hundreds of years, we’ve already witnessed the terrible, global consequences of the American experiment firsthand…”

At press time, Fauci urged the public not to underestimate the nation as it had already killed too many people to count.

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