I tried to yell for help. When I did, Brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming.

This is all you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh. He’ll not only incite gang rape but he gets a charge out of muffling the shrieks of his victims. Yeah, baby, Brett loves knowing no one can hear you SCREAM!, exactly the guy we need interpreting the laws of the land.

Ford’s testimony is terrifying for what she doesn’t talk about.

It’s apparent that Kavanaugh and his accomplice stalked the high school student, waited for a moment in which she was not only alone but separated from the rest of the celebrates at the gathering, rendering her helpless to receive assistance after their attack.

Kavanaugh doesn’t need a Supreme Court seat, he needs to spend 20 to life chained to a pipe in the shower of a maximum security prison where his mouth can be duct-taped shut so he doesn’t disturb the entertainments his cellmates could extract from a soft, tender, well-fed suburb lawyer like himself.

So, so sad, Brettycakes, no one can hear you scream with your face duct-taped shut when you’re rectum is being torn out by hundreds of 1000s of serial penetrations by cannibal neonazis. Ask JESUS! for help!

C-Span feed posted below for your convenience.



Rapeublicans demand that Commander KKKavanaugh must be seated on the Supreme Court, so that he can spend the next 40 years sticking it to us sluts, homos, blacks, and Messicans ‘cause the Good ChrISIStian Bitches have proclaimed that we all must be put back in our place.

And if he doesn’t get to make our lives a miserable hell, it will RUIN HIS LIFE.

Miss Lindsey just proclaimed that Aunt Rachel proved that Dr. Ford is a lying slut who was asking for it, so case closed.

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