God Damn America

We don’t have it in us to say much, so we’ll let Chris Hayes handle the details about immigrant children being separated from their families. We’re just exhausted, really, exhausted at the intentional, methodical cruelty being inflicted by our country in our name, exhausted at the atrocities being committed daily by our government, exhausted by the gleeful callousness, exhausted by the lack of basic human decency shown by our leaders and a significant number of our fellow citizens.

Lives are being ruined, lives that will not be recovered by a change of administrations. There is no forgiveness for this, nor will there be justice. We are all damned by this, damned as citizens of a Republic that commits these crimes without reservation. We profess to be a Christian country — many demand that we be so — yet the values we display are of those who would rip babies from mangers.

This country is a fucking shithole, run by animals. We prey on the weak as national policy. When the Anthem plays, there’s no point putting our hands on our hearts. We don’t have any.


Yes. I am grateful to you for writing what I think and feel but lack the ability to express.

@JNOV: I could barely express it myself. It’s crushing what we’re doing.

It’s worth remembering that anything good that our country has done was the result of decades of incredible bravery and hard work by people who overcame unimaginable institutional and cultural obstacles designed to oppress us.

We’re gonna survive this by honoring their legacies and sacrifices. Let’s fight for the people, values, and ideals that we’re for instead of those whom we’re against.

@¡Andrew!: Yes. I’m grateful to you for reminding me that, for some reason I don’t understand, I am optimistic that this horrific descent into barbarism will cause people to forcefully reject the oppression of those deemed as “other.”

So, you think you need a government.
“At the end of a century that has seen the evils of communism, Nazism and other modern tyrannies, the impulse to centralize power remains amazingly persistent.” ~ Joseph Sobran

@JNOV: Rejection of evil will hopefully prevail; people will fight for what’s right. The question is the toll, and how long it will take. This has worn on my mind for a few sleepless nights.

@rptrcub: Oh, darling cubbie. I’ve missed you.

Voted on my way to work on November 8, 2016, secure in the knowledge that there would never again be a president as horrible as W (yes, that liberal superpower, remembering shit). How wrong I was. And this time, I want frog marches and firing squads. You’re a traitor? We have laws for that shit.

@blogenfreude: I’m on record as preferring heads on pikes.

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According to the lurid, salacious gossip that I’m spreading, Worst Lady Melanie Tr666p hasn’t been seen in public for three weeks because she’s left Prezinazi AntiChrist and has moved back to Nu Yawk. The yooouuugist celebitchy dee-VORCE evah will hit in 3… 2… 1…

The Worst Lady requests respectful privacy for her and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, during this difficult and celebratory time.

@rptrcub: <3

BREAKING NEWS! Racism is not a side effect of Ambien.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled country on fire.

@¡Andrew!: She’s going back to NYC so she and Baron (really? Baron?) can Be Best.

@JNOV: Of course it’s not Ambien. It’s Twinkies.

@nojo: I really like the Ambien excuse. Driving to work this morning I was trying to think of all the ways to use it, both here and at home.

@JNOV: Barron. As in Hilton. At least Paris had a family excuse.

Roseanne Barf is like an insult comic without the comic part. She’s just a colossal asshole.

Full Disclosure: I wrote a lot of comments here while taking Lunesta. Seroquil (sp?) caused me to write unintelligible emails that (thank god), I never sent. I would check my sent folder every morning.

@nojo: Oh. Well, of course dude can’t spell “robber baron.” (I’m assuming I spelled it correctly, but you never know.)

@DElurker: <3

ETA: Sorry I was never able to meet you on one of my weekly stops at Total Wine & More. WA's liquor laws seem to be changing, but they are reminiscent of PA's.

Awesome blurb. Yes, it inspires awe, but I’m easy.

@¡Andrew! and rptrcub: Meanwhile, have you boys seen the hotness that is Pedro Sanchez, the new prime minister of Spain?

Aiii aiii aii! Step to the side Macron!

@SanFranLefty: Linky no worky, however I saw his photo this morning and started hablando español en lenguas–que caliente!

What is missed from most debate is that these families have not been arrested for, or charged with, illegal immigration. In fact, they have shown up at the border, and applied for refugee status, in complete compliance with US and international law.

It is how we have always dealt with those subjected to oppression and violence in their home countries. They are investigated and either admitted for further processing or returned to their countries of of origin.

This is the first time that these children have been torn from their parents for no discernible legitimate reason.

@Burr Deming: This.

I’m exhausted (neighbor dogs barks all night every night), so I can’t do the leg work/find the article. I’m thinking of the OR senator who had the cops called on him when he tried to visit a child detention center, an old Wal-Mart (wonder if they’re paying the Wall family rent), and what the fuck is going on here?

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