Will Stormy Daniels Be Appointed AMERICA!’s First Secretary of Orgasm? Can Trump Resist This Crucial Opportunity?

It’s clear Melania didn’t agree to the FLOTUS gig and never liked being in the same city with Trumpfuck.

And it’s also clear no one cares or is surprised that Trump runs with hookers and porn artists.

So what will happen when Trump dumps Melania and writes a check to move Stormy into the White House as his live-in whore?

Can AMERICA! afford to give up the opportunity to establish its first SECRETARY! OF! ORGASM! ?

Is AMERICA! ready for pornographic press conferences from the new SECRETARY! ?



The Evilungelical ChrISIStians are gonna need a whole new Bible to justify their Tr666p worship.

“Let he who has never raw dogged a porn star just after the birth of his 5th child during his 3rd adulterous marriage cast the first stone”

And now ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Hucksterbee Slanders will pout, furrow her brow, and inform us whether the “encounters” involved full Bravo Delta/balls deep or just the tip.

Yet another of our timeless, classic Great Moments in American History.

I can’t wait for her first press conference as SECRETARY! OF! ORGASM! in




Irony is that the man the Evangelicals derided as Satan was closer to Jeebus and the golden turd they worship is pretty damn close to Satan.

Fucking Evangelical morons.

Even if TRUMPLIGULA! has a restraining order there is nothing to stop Stormy from giving dramatic readings of her trysts with TRUMPLIGULA! as accompanied by the Muppets.

“My sire! My god! I drink deeply from the Ale of Ballantine in the hopes of delivering unto you a wide, splashy piss in your noble face!”


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