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Feb. 13:
“I am very pleased to show everyone my latest piece, a tribute to the @clubpenguin Beta Test Party!”

Feb. 14, 2:59 pm:
“I am in a school shooting right now…”

Feb. 14, 3:01 pm:
“My school is being shot up and I am locked inside. I’m fucking scared right now.”

Feb. 14, 3:10 pm:
“Still locked in. I checked the local news and there is 20 victims. Long live Majory Stoneman Douglas High.”

Feb. 14, 3:45 pm:
“Hello, Twitter. I am closing my DM’s but I appreciate everyone contacting me. I am still locked in the school, but remember I’m only a freshman. Please don’t just send your love to me, but pray for the victims’ families too. Love you all.”

Feb. 14, 4:25 pm:
“We have been liberated. God bless, America.”

Feb. 14, 4:56 pm:
“Love each other. You may never know when it may be the last day you meet someone.”

Feb. 14, 5:53 pm:
“My brother and I are with our parents safely in the car. Thank you everyone, I appreciate the messages but we need healing. God bless, America. We will never forget 2/14/18.”

TheCaptainAidan [Twitter]

At least 2 dead in Florida school shooting; suspect in custody, officials say [CNN]


Colorado’s $4 million NRA senator was fast out of the gate with thoughts and prayers.

They left out the part that their Twitz ‘n Prayers are for the mass murders of even more American children.

Those gun company and NRA execs better pray hard that none of my loved ones are ever in a mass shooting.

They may have bought off the Republinazis to cheat the victims and survivors out of justice, but they’re gonna find out what hell feels like real quick.

@nojo: Onion writer. That Onion writer:

“When I wrote this headline, I had no idea it would be applied to the high school a mile from my house.”

Identifying a week as infrastructure week is the Trump equivalent of the guy at the beginning of the horror movie being like “this house is so peaceful.”

— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) February 16, 2018

@nojo: Is there a way to keep this post as a thumbnail on the top of the page? It was in the top left corner, and I thought about Aidan every time I saw it. (I know they scroll as you add posts.)

And the post about Sandy Hook.

And the post about that sweet child looking for his friend.

I don’t want to forget about these kids when they aren’t in the news. I’m ashamed to admit that I do forget. I’d like to keep them foremost in my mind.

@JNOV: I may have to collect them in a sidebar. Including the one I’m likely writing tonight.

It’s really hard to find new shit to say about the same shit going down. But I can’t pull an Onion, so I’ll have to see what I can dredge up.

@nojo: As I began to try to process this _____ (I don’t have a word for it), I thought of you. I thought of you.

@JNOV: Really, I would have preferred ripping the Midtown Racist, but those pleasant thoughts evaporated in a moment this morning.

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