HEALTH INSPECTORS: Mar-a-Lago Is a Ghastly Emetogenic SHITHOLE!

Call It Mar-a-Shithole!

TRUMPLIGULA!’s rancid Florida club for senescent racketeers, gangsters, wannabe society page characters and, of course, rich ASSHOLE!s has again been cited by building inspectors for failure to maintain a hospitality facility that is less-than-lethal.

Last year, The so-called Winter White House of The Bride of Putin was found to be serving rotting food from its alleged restaurant, dishing out heinous ooze that could kill even the hideous ghouls that frequent the repulsive shithouse.

The Miami Herald is reporting today: Mar-a-SHITHOLE! was cited Nov. 8 for two violations deemed high priority: the lack of smoke detectors capable of alerting the hearing impaired through flashing bright lights; and slabs of concrete missing from a staircase, exposing steel rebar that could cause someone to fall.

This is what you get when you drop $200,000 to be a member of the Mar-a-SHITHOLE! club:

Food that will leave you power-chucking to death in the parking lot while illegal aliens who run the place smoke smuggled cigarettes from the Pro Shop and bet on how long it will take you to die.

Sub-standard alarm systems that will leave your deaf relatives to be incinerated while illegal aliens smoke in the parking lot and bet on how long it takes them to suffocate.

Stairs that will send you sprawling unconscious on the landing where your pockets will be rifled by the illegal aliens who work housekeeping at Mar-a-SHITHOLE! and put out their cigarettes on your dead cold face.





On the plus side, anyone who’d pay to stay at Mar-a-Lardass totally has it coming.

And the chocolate cake is rumored to be delicious!

Especially after the hate-crazed illegals who run the place and staff the kitchen are done taking their smoke breaks sitting on the edge of the frosting bowl and snacking on rancid clams and gushing ecstatically into the confection.

Did anyone catch the number of times Jabba’s doctor blinked?

When he got to the 239 lbs part, he was seizing like an epileptic. It clearly meant that there’s a loaded and cocked revolver off-camera aimed directly at his head.

Still no word about the toxic shithole between Prezinazi Grand Wizard’s ears, tho.

I have no idea why the reporters bother showing up and asking coherent questions.

CNN should just hire Rosie O’Donnell to show up and challenge TRUMPLIGULA! to a hard on contest.

Do ya ‘spose Tdumbp gets the Homeland Security threat reports that list him and his incompetent, criminally insane kleptocracy as one of the greatest threats to our country? It would have his name on it.

“What a difference a year makes.
From a POTUS to a POS.
From a class act to a racist asshole.
From a profound man to a profane shithole.
From a self-made man to a trust fund baby bigot.
From the West Wing to the worst wing.
From an organized administration to a chaotic misadministration.
From a First Lady to the first mannequin.
From the GOP to the Government of Putin.
From the cool, suave, fit and trim Obama, to the bloated bigot with a big ass and more matronly hips than my grandmother’s.
What a fat orange mess.”
— Mer Robles @ Politico

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