All the Air in the Room

Did we actually have a week off from him?

We think we did. Pretty sure, come to think of it. That week between the holidays, when he wasn’t incessantly demanding our attention.

Felt great! And man, did we pay for it when he got back.

There’s no escape from it, of course, not when The Most Powerful Man in the World is also a needy, whiny prick who needs an entire cable channel devoted to his glorification, and when that power enables an unslaked thirst for destroying everything around him. You can’t ignore him, because he won’t go away, and oh yes, he’s also holding a knife to your throat.

Nor is there an escape from his enablers in Congress, who just voted to destroy the American economy. And we’re still not free of the bog of empathetic Trump Country journalism profiles. Meet the angry people who have nominated all of humanity for the next Darwin Award!

And now everyone’s talking about That Book, which tells everything we already knew, but hey, we got a new nickname out of it, and maybe a pissed billionaire. Nothing will come of it, but who are we to deny a circus with our bread? That’s how things work these days. Tune in next week for new abominations!

Speaking of which, someone on Twitter bemoaned that a particular abomination wasn’t getting the opprobrium it deserved. Really! Even now! It was adorable, as if we had already forgotten nuclear war being threatened again, and had room to contemplate the state of civic justice. Remember when we had time to dwell on atrocities, savor the performance of bad actors on the public stage, and even toss a few veggies before we moved on? Good times!

But now we have a super-efficient shit-dispersal system, gushing madly through our series of tubes, and rising through our screens to saturate our faces. Internet Time has collapsed into a black hole, a gravitational toilet none of us can escape. Yesterday was forever ago, tomorrow forever away. We have achieved civilizational Zen, the Eternal Now, and it really fucking sucks.

What a year this week has been. And not another holiday in sight.


Pro tip: If you’ve reached the point where you’re twitting out royal proclamations espousing your own genius and mental stability, you’ve already lost it, obviously.

Josh Marshall: “The Tdumbp family deserves our pity, not contempt. They are a family of mental deficients with no experience following the law.”

Send in the men in white coats.

Richard Painter: “I am a very stable genius” is the way people talk on the way to the funny farm, not the Situation Room. Or so it was a year ago.

Remember the good old days when The Unicorn wearing a tan suit was a presidential scandal?

I was not on board with Oprah running for president, “ugh, not another celebrity,” however after The Speech, I’m thinking “hey, I’m actually OK with this.” Probably the best speech I’ve ever heard, wow!

@¡Andrew!: It was a good speech. Enough to get me to put down the Sunday rag. The shame is that when the camera panned through the audience, some of the faces looked like the senile relative who doesn’t remember who you are.

@DElurker: If she can mobilize her armies to slay the sadistic, psychotic, hate-crazed, treasonous RepubliKKKans and Tdumbpnazis, then to hell with them, why not?

Speaking of nuclear war… bearing in mind that I live in DC, my present level of concern is such that I’ve ordered potassium iodide tablets. Three packs: one for home, one for the office, and for on the go. They don’t expire for several years, so assuming he’s gone after one term, I’m set!

Remember when Democrats thought they needed to elect a war hero?

Now that Bannon’s out at Breinfart Nooz, he can fulfill his dream of becoming an embalming practice dummy.

It’d actually be an improvement.

@¡Andrew!: Um … no:

“Officer, I’m sorry, I have no experience obeying the speed limit!”

“Hands on the hood – spread ’em.”

We’re gonna need a Congress members-only prison to keep up with all the Greedy Old Psychopaths’ treason.

So according to the wild conspiracy theory that I’m starting: the Republinazis like Miss Lindsey, Snake in the Grassley, and Devil Numbnutz are desperately trying to impede and obstruct the Ru$$ia investigations because Putin has kompromat that implicates the GOP somehow. Note how only the stolen emails from the DNC and Podesta were released, even though security experts believe that the servers of both parties were hacked.

Thoughts? (We has ’em)

@¡Andrew!: He’s been Chuck “Assume deer dead” Grassley in my mind for years, but “Snake in the Grassley” may supplant it.

@¡Andrew!: I remain convinced that Miss Graham’s pet bunny, Beatrix Potter, is being held hostage and threatened with a fricassee.

I wish I could hug my son right now, my beautiful boy living in this racist country where people think he’s dangerous or stupid when he’s nothing but loving and kind.

It doesn’t matter how many zeroes the Tdumbps and the Republinazis have in their bank accounts–they will always be white trash. They are a shitstain on this great nation that will take decades to bleach out.

We will survive this blatantly evil, illegitimate, and deeply stupid regime. We must do everything we can to ensure that they never seize power again.

It’s not until one travels to Canada, Europe, or Japan that one truly realizes that 40 years of a racist, trickle-down kleptocracy in tandem with a refusal to invest in our nation’s young people and infrastructure has turned the US into a banana-republic shithole.

Colbert: “Sir, they’re not shitholes. For one thing, Donald Tdumbp is not their president.”

Oh, just think of the future polls!

59% disapprove of Prezinazi Rapist’s remarks;
12% of mush-brained, mouthbreathing morons don’t know;
and 29% of hate-crazed, cross-eyed, snake-handling, hair-pulling, tongue-talking Despicables, aka the vile RepubliKKKan base, enthusiastically endorse their Grand Wizard’s racism and giddily anticipate him soon throwing around the n-word from his face shithole like it’s 1950s Alabammy.

The last group is the only one Congresspuke Repubs care about.

I’m having a hard time with this. I’m pretty sure that my biracial, self-loathing, racist mother voted for this guy. I haven’t talked to her since my son graduated from college, so I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure. I don’t care enough about being right to ask her. Plus she lies. She lies a lot. There’s no point to calling her about anything.

When I was a child, she taught me this, this, thing. A rhyme. She said my great grandmother, also a light bright and damn near white black woman, taught it to her. I suppose that’s possible, because my family, both sides, adhere to brown bag test racism. Pretty blue or green eyes, light skin, good hair, thin lips, they were the black population’s light skinned dentists and pharmacists and, oh my god, some rich white people’s house keepers and laundresses, but at least those domestics could read. They could write. They could pass.

This is what she said to me, and I don’t know why:

Niggers and flies
Are two things I despise.
But the more I see niggers
The more I like flies.

She said it many times.

I’m almost certain she voted for Trump.

One day she said that things were better during segregation. Segregated education was better for black people. I asked her why she sent me to a Friends school. Why would she rather me go to a segregated school when she pulled me out of a decent public school to send me to a prep school? It makes no sense. She didn’t reply; she just looked at me.

I don’t understand any of this. I’m lost in some sort of fog. People hated Obama and H. Clinton so much, so much that they held their noses and voted for Trump?

Maybe it wasn’t as hard as I’d like to believe.

Where are the Rs, The Big Tent Party, The Party of Inclusion, WHERE ARE THEY TODAY? WHERE. ARE. THEY? Where are the Libertarians? Where are all of the fiscally conservative but socially liberal people? Where are they? Are they too busy worrying about endangering their agenda to stand up to this man? What is their agenda? Is this their agenda?

Do so many people hate me?


1. Sometimes we have to cut toxic people out of our lives. It’s not us; it’s them.

2. The GOP has been the party of racism and white supremacy ever since Nixon’s Southern Strategy; they’re just open about it now, which is better than their bullshit lies, actually.

3. There are far fewer of them than they believe.

Where are the Rs, The Big Tent Party, The Party of Inclusion, WHERE ARE THEY TODAY? WHERE. ARE. THEY? Where are the Libertarians? Where are all of the fiscally conservative but socially liberal people?

Never were. Hahaha, not as many as they thought they were and they also hated non whites. Maybe a feature of Canada City Right Wingers, but not so much US Amercia ones.

Shithead elected by shithead people from mostly shithole states, ironically calls all non white nations shitholes.

@ManchuCandidate: I almost collated all the old posts for the occasion, but today’s been busy.

It really says something that the revelation of a six-figure presidential payoff to a porn star is the least crazy thing that happened yesterday.

@JNOV: Oh honey. Hugs to you & JNOVjr. You were so right to cut that toxic person out of your life.

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