White People Suck

You may have heard the news that following his outing as a — what’s that word? — hebephile, Roy Moore is now only polling even with his opponent for the special Senate election in Alabama next month.

But that’s not the full story. Among white voters, Moore leads by 17 points. Among black voters, he trails by 55 points.

This is not unusual. We only need look back as far as last Tuesday to see that opportunistic race-baiter Ed Gillespie won the Virginia white vote by 15 points. He’s not the state’s next governor because he lost the black vote by 75 points, and the hispanic vote by 35 points.

You may sense a pattern here. It’s not new.

Cornell’s Roper Center tracks exit polls back to 1976, when Ford beat Carter among whites by 4 points. And only Clinton’s white losses to Republicans have been closer (2 points each) in two generations, leading up to Romney’s decisive 20-point win among Ivory Americans in 2012, and Trump’s 21 points last year.

Those three million extra Hillary votes? Well, whites amounted to only 70 percent of the electorate last year. Back in 1976, it was 89 percent.

You can read it the other direction as well: Since 1976, has any non-white group voted for a Republican president?

Well, Asians in the Clinton years. But other than that, of course not. The Southern Strategy, after all, was a Republican play for disaffected whites after LBJ finally killed off Jim Crow. It worked in 1968, and it’s still working fifty years on. Republicans are only still in the game because there are still enough whites around to swing an election. Turns out we honkies get mighty cranky when our dominance gets threatened.

We’ve been told since our lefty polisci prof introduced us to Saul Alinsky (whom we then forgot about for thirty years) that America’s race problem is really a class problem, and we dutifully spent the Eighties and beyond waiting patiently for white folks to recognize their shared economic burdens with the rest of us proles, upon which we would all happily lock arms and rise up against our One Percent Oppressors. If only they voted their interests!

Turns out they did, and do. The main interest of white folks in America is to retain their status as white folks in America, whatever the cost. They don’t care if they’re robbed blind, they don’t care if their leaders grab pussies and fuck kids, they don’t care if the Russkies invade their elections, they don’t care if Nazis run down a woman in broad daylight — as long as their social standing remains higher than them, uh, them others, they’re cool with whatever it takes.

And as long as Republicans keep pandering to their manifest and subliminal racism, we’ll keep suffering, well, Republicans in power. That shit works. Always has.

Meanwhile, next time you see some poll that drops your jaw, look for the racial details. Americans aren’t as stupid as you think.

Only the white ones.


What surprised me — meaning, I wasn’t paying attention — was that Romney was +20 among whites. Trump was +21.

In other words, Trump’s Stunning Victory shouldn’t have been stunning. It was the Romney vote. 2016 was 2012.

But, because of the Electoral College, we’ve been treated to a year of empathetic profiles of Forgotten White People, trying to understand their anger. Well, what were they angry about in 2012?

Or, rather: Who had been preying on their anger? And why?

And for how long?

McCain 2008: +12
Bush 2004: +17
Bush 2000: +13

Clinton was only -2 among whites against both his opponents. What happened since 1996?

Well, for starters, Fox News launched in October 1996. Drudge launched his website in 1997. His first assistant was Andrew Breitbart.

Al Franken published “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” in 2003. It’s worth a read. It hasn’t aged.

OT, but I can’t believe all the free or discounted shit for veterans today.

I survived the long-distance calling wars in the 90s–does that count?

@¡Andrew!: Only if you remember your calling-card number.


10-10-697-89547321-HIJKLMNOP-then the number–it’s easy!

I’m still hopeful that wave elections in 2018 and 2020, in tandem with changing demographics, will make it almost impossible for Republinazis to win federal elections, the Senate notwithstanding of course. Florida may go blue by then, as well as Texas (!!!). The malicious, sadistic GOP will become as irrelevant nationally as they are here on the Left Coast.

@¡Andrew!: Roy Moore is now down 4 points in a Sunday poll.

Among whites, +19.

I’m cautiously hopeful now about a 2018 wave election, despite gerrymandering and all the rest. And I’m sorrowfully hopeful about Florida, future home of Puerto Rican refugees.

But white Americans are amoral vicious creatures. I fear what they’ll still be able to do with what power they can still steal.

I am a white guy … am I missing something here?

@blogenfreude: Yes. Those two other white guys who are idiots.

It is as if people never left high school.

Oh, fruck this: Blake Shelton apparently will be named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. (Ugggghhhh!) I’m old enough to remember when this actually meant something, and this shall not stand. Looks like 2017 will join 2016 as years of infamy.

@¡Andrew!: Has he really had that great a year careerwise? I mean, that’s what it’s all about, to my understanding. And even on that basis I would’ve picked a fresh face like Lakeith Stanfield or someone at least slightly more interesting than Blake Shelton.

@mellbell: One more name I haven’t heard of and I win a door prize.

Great news! Australia has voted YES for marriage equality in their postal vote. A bill will now be introduced in their parliament, and the civilized world marches on.

Congrats! Or should I say, hoozeewoozles!!!

@nojo: He is only 26 and has already been in more critically acclaimed movies in the last 5 years than I can count on one hand. One to watch.

@mellbell: That’s on me for not having seen Get Out yet. Or Big Sick, for that matter.

Jared And Ivanka Holding Each Other At Gunpoint In Kitchen After Simultaneously Revealing Undercover Identities

“I’m afraid you’re the one under arrest, sweetheart,” said Ivanka, as she and her husband warily circled the marble-topped kitchen island with their FBI badges held out and their weapons lethally trained on one another.

“How about you just come quietly? If only one of us is getting out alive tonight, it’s not gonna be you.”

@mellbell: Klassi with a capital K.

And OMFG I agree with Kristol Meth!

And sadly, I have to confess that I’d find this entire ordeal less nauseating if the Tdumbpissts were capable of comporting themselves in a respectable manner.

I mean, these people are mostly inherited wealth, but they behave like vulgar, nouveaux riche white trash that just won the Powerball–no taste or class whatsoever–and that includes the Cabinet of Despicables.

@nojo: At this point, we need some kind of sexual abuse truth and reconcilliation commission for this pervasive social crisis.

@¡Andrew!: The genius of that approach is that you don’t get forgiveness without contrition.

Short of that, maybe #MeToo for dudes. Well, besides the dude victims.

Roy Moore down by eight in new Fox poll. So where does that put us on White Watch?

“Moore is preferred among white evangelical Christians by 53 points (73-20 percent), whites by 19 points (56-37 percent), and men by 12 (53-41 percent).”

Whites +19 remains unchanged. But now we know which whites.

Ah, found the Fox poll crosstabs.

So: The white vote has remained consistent — around +19 — across all three polls.

But where the first poll had Mooore -55 among blacks, the new poll has him -72.

And there’s yer 8-point Jones lead.

Race, race, race, race, race. Josh at TPM was discounting the Fox poll, because how could votes shift like that in Alabama?

Simple. They didn’t. Among whites.

But Moore’s black support, already, uh, light, fell through the floor since Friday.

The Fox story notes Moore’s loss of support among women. But if the white vote hasn’t changed, that loss is among black women.

Race, race, race, race, race. Sorry, America. We’re far from done dealing with White Shit.

@nojo: No wonder our rulers treat us with so much contempt.

Watching my liberal FB friends circle the wagons around Al Franken is very dispiriting.

“One out of every three Tdumbp voters is just as stupid as the other two.”

So… what’re we expecting for the Friday newsies:

Alien invasion?
Reverse vampires?
Flynn indictment?

@mellbell: For the record, my munnie would’ve been on Jason Momoa because, well… I like ‘um BiiiiiG,

*Trigger warning: Aquaman

Here’s Adam Serwer, saying it much longer and much better than I did.


@nojo: That analysis is the definitive explanation for our national derangement. It has and always will have racist hatred exploited by our rulers’s insatiable greed at its core.

The good news is that more people than ever before are realizing that the con is over.

Meanwhile, new poll today shows Moore ahead again — but doesn’t provide a racial breakdown.

To generalize this: toplines without crosstabs render polls worthless.

But maybe The Great Demographic Shift will change that: In a pluralized society, whites are just another identity group, and we might get reminded more frequently what assholes we really are.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all of you–and especially to nojo–for our little corner of the internet. Hugs : )

@¡Andrew!: And I’m thankful to hear that it looks like Mueller has flipped Flynn. I do so love a Christmas perp walk.

Oh, hai! Moore won white men by 45 points, white women by 28.

Black voters: Nearly unanimous for Jones.

But I see that chart is making the rounds among white folk, so maybe I don’t have to scream myself hoarse now.

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