You might say, with justification, that it has already happened: That the moment Donald Trump fired James Comey was the moment our government was overthrown by a hostile power.

Trump’s action was within his authority as president. But it went well beyond conventional abuse of power. He fired Comey to save his own hide. And the Republican traitors in Congress let him get away with it.

But if you’re looking for a line, a clear line that indicates Before & After, a red line that separates Democracy from Tyranny, that line hasn’t been drawn yet. It’s about to be. That line is about to be drawn so clearly that there can be no evading its consequences.

When Robert Mueller is fired, the coup against America will be complete.

How it will go down is already in play. Trump cannot fire Mueller directly, so someone at the Department of Justice must fire Mueller for him. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller, and may be asked to fire him or resign. Or Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia investigation — to Trump’s enduring resentment — himself may be fired, and a more pliable lackey appointed Attorney General to take over Mueller’s supervision and dismiss him.

As to the pretext for a dismissal, that’s in play too. Just as Sessions and Rosenstein collaborated on a lie for Trump to use (and quickly discard) when firing Comey, similar lies are being devised and field-tested among partisans to soften the ground before the strike. There will be much chatter about justification. All of it will be irrelevant.

We cannot say whether the event will actually happen — whether the coup now being very publicly plotted will actually transpire. But if it does, it will happen soon. And the last chance for America’s traitors to redeem themselves will immediately follow.

Presidents, Senators and Representatives take an oath, of various wording, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We regard it as a solemn oath, not just recited words. And we as Americans understand the oath broadly, not just a promise to keep thieves from swiping that original document in the National Archives.

Perhaps our deepest understanding of that oath comes from John Adams: the Constitution being defended is “a government of laws, and not of men”. He wrote that for a different constitution — the Massachusetts state constitution of 1780. Within a decade, its spirit would inform the national foundation. A government of laws is a Republic. A government of men is Tyranny.

To be a patriot is to defend the Constitution as well, and the spirit that animates it. To be a patriot is to condemn all attempts to undermine it, to call out actions that place men above the law. Under a nation of laws, that is the highest crime imaginable.

The moment Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller, America’s patriots will have no choice but to demand the impeachment, conviction, and removal of the President of the United States from office.

Failure to do so will be abetting a coup. Failure to do so will be enabling tyranny. And we fear that’s exactly what will happen.


Okay, I have to confess that if I were closer to the other SF this weekend, I’d ask RML to take me target shooting and Second Amendment shopping.

/I can’t believe I just typed that, but it’s true.

Josh at TPM warns this morning of “extra-constitutional rule”. Y’know, there’s a word for that.

This is like the stupidest political thriller ever, a Tom Clancy knock off from hell.

Maybe Sirgay Kislyak can be our next AG. He seems to be the only player in this twisted treason plot without serious mental problems. Plus, heez sooooo dayum seXXXsee–heez like a RepubliKKKan 7.

@¡Andrew!: John Oliver calls it Stupid Watergate, and I really can’t improve upon that.

Except this time, to call it a “Constitutional crisis” kinda understates the point. Nixon had his diehard supporters in Congress and across the country, but his manipulations were wholly his own. Trump is being played like a… like a…

Well, a puppet.

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