Junior Takes a Meeting

Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign [NYT]


11:35 pm • Monday • July 10, 2017

So, like I was saying, collusion is one of those muddy things that might be too vague to prosecute.

12:14 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@nojo: There comes a point, and we’ve already passed it, where all the lying on the security clearance documents will chaps someone’s hide to the point that people (Oh, Jaaaareddd) get indicted.

12:24 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@JNOV: I’m going to stop short of predicting how it shakes out, except for the financial stuff. But it’s going to shake out. This is the piece that puts the rest in play.

12:42 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

And the guy who was stupid enough to put RUSSIANS WANT TO COLLUDE WITH US!!! in an email also checked into Trump Tower via Facebook for the meeting.

It’s gonna be Benny Hill all the way down.

11:20 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

The Arrested Development Admin

/Ron Howard voice over/
In fact, Donald Jr thought it would help his dear old dad by releasing his emails.

It didn’t.

11:34 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017


3:21 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

What’s fun about Major Developments is watching the fallout as everyone adjusts to the new reality.

6:14 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017
6:29 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

Ugh. I had all my money on “No actual collusion, but they nail President Impulse Control on obstruction.”

6:57 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@JNOVjr: That’s the problem with practicality: Sometimes fantasies really do come true.

7:04 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@JNOVjr: But! Now that you mention it…

Until now, obstruction was demonstrable, but somewhat empty: Trump just wanted to rid his life of pests. (At least in terms of provable facts.)

If, however, he’s fully aware of culpability — his own or his family’s — the obstruction is cast in a far more harsh light. The motive becomes sinister. And the means is at hand.

Junior really dropped a neutron bomb here. Not sure yet who’s left standing.

10:39 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@nojo: Rachel’s ex-prosecutor guest raises that Obstruction point, repeatedly says “sinister”. I win!

9:45 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

Man, oh man, they just keep digging themselves in deeper. I’m no lawyer, but I did watch Law & Order: Original Flavor for a decade, and even I know that you shut the fuck up at even the hint of legal trouble and let the best attorney you can afford do all of the talking. No wonder no one halfway competent with any integrity will work with the Tdumbps.

10:41 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

@¡Andrew!: At least their incompetence is consistent.

10:53 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

It is their strength and their weakness…

11:16 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

By the way, despite what appears to be popular consensus to the contrary, Junior is Sonny, not Fredo. Eric is Fredo. There’s no other way this can work. (Jared is Tom Hagen.)

The argument for Junior as Fredo is that he’s fucking stupid. Which is true, and which is why folks inside the campaign used that nickname last year.

But Junior is also a bullying hothead, and the successor to Pops. Eric’s the weak one, whom the family only trusts to run a winery. If anyone’s going to go down in a hail of bullets while blindly rushing to avenge the family, it’s Junior.

I state this because I’m going to maintain this indisputably correct but iconoclastic position to my death.

11:29 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

@nojo: I like the “entire family of Fredoes” theory.

Talk about Exhibit A for 1% white trash supremacist a$$hole privilege who continue to fail upwards despite gross incompetence (and insanity).

11:31 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

@¡Andrew!: I will accept a mashup of Godfather and Being John Malkovich as an alternative.

11:32 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

On a fashion note, they all have hair problems. I sincerely hope we’ve reached peak sleazeball.

11:36 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

And we haven’t even started on Twitler’s Bastille Day voyage. I mean, you’d think someone would’ve told that indolent moron what Bastille Day is about and why he’s walking into a trap.

11:51 am • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Part of the genius of his incompetence is that he refuses to surround himself with competent people, for fear of being upstaged. That’s the only thing saving us from certain doom.

1:46 pm • Wednesday • July 12, 2017

Speaking of political incompetence…

This is the moment where Unfortunate Adviser is supposed to be sorrowfully cut loose to defend his honor — and take that mess elsewhere. (Also, spend time with family.)

But no, Jared’s hunkering down with his security clearance, so every drip that involves him drips on Trump (who, to be fair, seems to enjoy being dripped on).

Hey, deny everything and fuck you worked during the campaign. But as every preznident learns, running the joint is a much different thing than taking it.

12:16 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

In other good news, ProPublica reports that abuse from President End Stage Syphilis has driven his now ex-reformed alcoholic mob lawyer Marc Kasowitz back into the sweet embrace of the demon drink. That should make for some interesting statements during the many upcoming trials.

“Attenthon Yur Mahjesthee, thereth no way my client wath dri-ving sethventee in uh thirry-fife mile thone.” (hi-CUP)

12:22 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

“Are yew thah waiter? I’ll haf thah fajitas.”

6:17 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

The only piece we’re missing is the email saying DAD RUSSIA WANTS TO COLLUDE WITH US YAYYY, and we might be near getting something like that, because Pops is too stupid to keep his mouth shut.

7:16 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

@nojo: Let we who have never conspired with a hostile foreign dictatorship to destroy the US government throw the first snarky remark.

7:21 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

@nojo: I’m certain that Dumba$$, Jr. ended up on the Ru$$kies Too Stupid To Recruit list, right after Carter Page.

Prince Jared, on the other hand… we only have their word for what went on in that meeting, and that’s not worth a pinch of shit.

11:34 pm • Thursday • July 13, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Right now we’re looking at a preponderance of evidence against Jared, especially as more details about the involvement of his digital ops emerge. (There’s also the matter of his begging for moneys and essentially faking his security clearance.)

He’s clearly not smart enough to have insulated himself — none of them are — but that doesn’t mean he was cutting deals in the middle of Fifth Avenue. It’s a reasonable bet that we’ll get a perpwalk from him before this is over, but the Actionable Detail has yet to emerge.

12:48 am • Friday • July 14, 2017

Not as sure about this one, but if Comey is Dumbledore realizing the flaw inherent in Voldemort’s secret, Junior might be the horcrux in the lake. The battle remains to be joined, but we know what we need to know.

Saving Trump for the death spell that bounces back on him.

9:37 am • Friday • July 14, 2017

@nojo: The campaign may have changed things, but as of 2013, Trump didn’t really do email.

12:57 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@mellbell: Yeah, the actual potential link is Trump’s personal secretary, whose name came up the other day. What did Junior tell her to tell Pops?

Although the circumstantial evidence points to Junior rushing into the office and blabbing about the meeting, leaving no documentary trail. This would be by accident, since they’re clueless about such things, but not all accidents work against them.

But pinning down Trump’s awareness of shit going down around him was always going to be a slog — he’s no Nixon in that regard. That’s where the financial and obstruction stuff come in — the latter apparently thanks to Jared, who was sure that firing Comey would fix everything. An argument can be made that in terms of disastrous consequences, it’s really Jared who’s the Greater Fredo.

2:49 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@¡Andrew!: I pictured Jr’s lawyer seeing the tweet and thinking, “Well, at least he didn’t include the really incriminating . . . oh, fuck.”

2:58 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

Eight people now known at that meeting. So far. The day is young.

3:37 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

“Is formur Ru$$ian spy at meetink–is no bick deel. We tok about beeyewteefil Ru$$ian behbees, ahgin is nuhsink. Also, newkyewlur launch codes ant toetul destruckshun of United States peepul. Vas liek biznuss meetink, yes.”

3:58 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

“So yeah, we held this huge meeting with Jared and Manafort and a bunch of Russians, and I didn’t bother to tell Pops anything afterward.”

4:04 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@nojo: “Didn’t bother to tell Pops anything before, either. I wanted to surprise him with the Hillary Dirt they promised. Told Jared and Manafort to keep their mouths shut. Maybe then he would love me.”

4:20 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

I’m waiting for the TASS group photo.

@¡Andrew!: Party at my house in the Spring. Bring yer puppy!

4:20 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@Mistress Cynica: You, too! PARTY!

4:22 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

Realtor said, “Sure you can burn trash out here, if you want to. No one is going to care. But we do have garbage pick up.”

IOW, Bring your best Trump effigy to da PARTY! I’ll get a Putin on a Donkey Piñata.

4:41 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@JNOV: Marx Brothers stateroom scene.

6:01 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

“Wee dine uhn lunch of deeleeshus nuhthinkburgurs after meetink. Is how wee stay so sleem und seXXXsee that Reepubleekuhns cannuht stahp sexsing with uhs.”

6:02 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

@JNOV: Can’t wait : )

7:10 pm • Friday • July 14, 2017

“Jeredd Kushnur veree ecksited to turn over uhll Yu Ess votur data, no problem.
Is guud cuz otherwise I snep heez skeenee neck liek penseel, is ezee.”

4:25 pm • Saturday • July 15, 2017

Meanwhile, back at the soap opera…

The Trump campaign — campaign — hired a lawyer for Junior two weeks before the story broke. This is documented in a FEC filing.

And we already know that Jared’s lawyers discovered the meeting “weeks” before it became public.

The initial leak came from inside the house.

Who leaked and why, unclear. Was it intrafamilial backstabbing? More palsce intrigue? Some bizarre attempt to get ahead of the story by getting the (limited) facts out?

Watergate began unraveling with Nixon’s attempt to pay off rats before they started deserting the ship. Loyalty is thin when your hide’s on the line. The Meeting may not be the most significant event in the timeline — far from it — but it’s the one so far with the most threads to pull.

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