James Bond Will Return in “Glowfinger”


7:58 pm • Sunday • May 21, 2017

“Ow my balls 2.0”

11:51 pm • Sunday • May 21, 2017

OMG can you imagine if BaRACK HUSSEIN Obama had posed for a photo like that?

Or if uppity Secretary Clinton wore pants while putting her hands on the Orb? (not that they’d let a cootie-filled Vagina-American put her hands on the Saudi Orb)

11:54 pm • Sunday • May 21, 2017

@SanFranLefty: Trump bowed, Melania skipped the headscarf, and wingnuts will continue to be taken seriously after all this passes.

10:18 am • Monday • May 22, 2017

Kneel before Saud.

12:13 pm • Monday • May 22, 2017

@ManchuCandidate: Winner declared.

6:06 pm • Tuesday • May 23, 2017

Second Melania hand-psych sighted in Rome. It would appear the prenup didn’t cover PDA.

7:20 pm • Tuesday • May 23, 2017

@nojo: Rumor has it that they had already negotiated a divorce and were ready to sign the paperwork… and then he won, and Melanoma became the queen locked in the garish, golden cage.

Kerrrist, I hate that I know anything at all about these horrible, trashy sleazebags.

8:22 pm • Tuesday • May 23, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Think of the historians!

10:07 pm • Tuesday • May 23, 2017

@nojo: Tdumbp’s bio is gonna have to be sold in a brown paper bag, especially after the pussy-grabbing and the Ru$$ian piss hookers.

What’s the opposite of inspiring? He’ll be nauseating children and college students for generations.

12:17 am • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Speaking of which, I wonder how the schoolbooks are handling Bubba these days?

10:35 am • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@nojo: Good question. My history textbooks from 25 years ago ended at the Vietnam War. Hey, whatever happened with that, anyway?

12:56 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Anthony Bourdain won.

6:06 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@¡Andrew!: They got the last Ho

10:31 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions lied about Russian contacts on his security clearance, but we can only manage so much treason news at once.

10:46 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

Winner of the Intertubes:

11:07 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017


(You knew that was coming.)

11:09 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@nojo: Right? I’ve lost count of the people we know are under investigation. They should just take Air Force One to Putingrad and be done with it.

11:10 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

In Bruges, May is going to body slam Trump for leaking the Manchester bombing intel.

11:15 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

@JNOV: Forgot all about it. No plans to Zuck up the joint, unless you want prefab posts on your first-comment anniversary.

11:18 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

Hate. You.

11:21 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

Man, I was thinking about baked today. I was thinking about the hurricane and inflatable pool and her ginormous dog running on the beach, and I forgot what kind of dog it was. I wonder what happened to it. I hate it when I forget that I can’t talk to someone – I can’t tell them something funny or ask them a question. I fucking miss her.

11:58 pm • Wednesday • May 24, 2017

AHCA CBO score dropped today as well — which is what Jacobs was asking Bodyslammer about. Seems Bodyslammer was “waiting for the facts” as an earlier dodge.

Not yet clear: Whether the House needs to vote — again — on the AHCA, because the CBO may have undermined their ability to sneak it into the Senate under a 50-vote rule.

Meaning: The Senate has not formally seen the AHCA yet. Not that they care, and their own Health Cabal ain’t getting anywhere, but in the Schoolhouse Rock version, Bill is still sitting on the steps.

12:06 pm • Thursday • May 25, 2017

@nojo: I was stunned to read that all three of Montana’s leading newspapers had endorsed Giganticasshole. They’ve pulled their endorsements as of this morning, yet how the hell did that happen in the first place???

Are traditional journalists going to wait until they wake up with jumper cables clamped to their genitals before they realize that the RepubliKKKans are going full Nazi?

12:28 pm • Thursday • May 25, 2017

@¡Andrew!: At least they didn’t wait for him to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue.

And no, traditional journalists are not gonna wake up. They’re too far gone Finding The Center and being solicitous of White Trump Voters.

7:19 pm • Thursday • May 25, 2017

It’s Jared! Yayyyyy!

We already knew (sorta) that Jared was the highly placed Person of Interest, but WaPo now confirms.

10:51 pm • Thursday • May 25, 2017

@nojo: Yah. I think Dodger was the winner with “maybe they’ll give him his father’s old cell.”

9:45 pm • Friday • May 26, 2017

Jared, Jared, Jared.

Oh, Jared.

Omerta, Jared? That’s for wops. Save yourself while you can.

10:36 pm • Friday • May 26, 2017

@JNOV: That’s funny/poignant, I was thinking about baked last week, too. There were two doggies, one was a cane corso (Italian Mastiff), and I can’t remember the name for the other breed, that was tall and thin with long legs and long beautiful hair (like her, actually).

Can you imagine the apoplexy re: Trump that she’d unleash? It would rival Chainsaw. I’m trying to remember, but I think she did have some stories about encounters with the short-fingered vulgarian in NYC in the heyday of the ’80s, that she shared with us either here or in the sandbox when the birther conspiracies were flying around.

Damn. Rest in Power, baked. Tonight’s toke is for you.

7:11 pm • Saturday • May 27, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Some PMILF hot action for you.

10:58 am • Monday • May 29, 2017

@SanFranLefty: Dreamy : )

12:12 pm • Monday • May 29, 2017

@SanFranLefty: :) Yes. Once she recovered her password. My baked. So wonderful. Many thanks for Trudeau/Macron.

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