100 Days of EPIC! LOSING! Precedent FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! Feels Really Bad About Everything So Write Letters to Him Encouraging Him to Jump Off of The 14th Street Bridge


DUCKY! DUCKY! Did you see my Pooteecakes? Oh, FUCK! DUCKY! get him on the phone for me, pretty please!

Strange, Orange and Bloated, FUCKFACE von CLOWNSTICK wanders the halls of the White House alone babbling nonsensically about the forces of evil arrayed against him, comforted only by staffers who jump out of potted plants in the hallways wearing Vladimir Putin masks and offering to sodomize him, according to Politico.com

The insane trust-fund twit is apparently upset that AMERICA! refused to shoot itself in the face because he, THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! would find that amusing and would fund important new sources of revenue for people he wants to impress who likely regard him as less valuable as a Hershey squirt stain on a pair of St Vincent de Paul thrift shop boxer shorts.

Politico reported that von Clownstick is shouting condemnations at all the assholes who failed him on his staff by not being able to convince every member of Congress to commit political suicide so he could tweet happily about all the aged and infirm AMERICA!ns who were going to die grim, needless and meaningless deaths for his entertainment.

Brain-damaged Melissa McCarthy imitator Sean Spiker apparently had a seizure, too.

Clearly it is time to send some good cheer to these people. Please send a note to this address, addressed to Big Fat Dopey Donald Trump: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

The note needs to be uplifting reminding THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! that everyone in the universe regards him as a repulsive buffoon and Melanoma is boffing the Cuban guy she met washing the stairs at Trump Tower and he might as well jump off of the 14th Street bridge.







Woo! I’m losing! Fucking Nova.

One defining characteristic about fascism is that while it is dangerous, vile, nasty, and racist that it is also quite incompetent.

We all should be fortunate that Donald Trumputin and his gang of supporters are that.

Just like in any super-duper successful company, the CEO will appoint totally unqualified family members with no relevant experience to turn the bizniss around. It’s MBA 101!

He’ll just invent some new bullshit job titles for “moderates” Jared and Ivanka who’ll save the sinking ship! (President and Vice President of Kleptocracy, Inc.) Win!1! Srsly, how did modern Judaism produce those two grifting monsters?

To be blunt I can’t imagine the ‘good’ name of MBA being tarnished even further.

@ManchuCandidate: Full disclosure: I have an MBA, which is one of the many, many reasons I’m disgusted by the Trumps. They’re all obviously incompetent bullshit artists, though no doubt masters of conning people into handing over their munnie and/or votes, which mystifies me, since I find them all repulsive and clearly phony.

Masha Gessen made an excellent point recently about the critical difference between Putin and Twitler: Both are ignorant, kleptocratic thugs, however Putin was smart enough to surround himself with like-minded cronies who nonetheless were experts in their respective fields and could rule the bureaucracy with an iron fist. Twitler has empowered neo-fascist know-nothings, predatory billionaires, and internet conspiracy kooks that have no freakin’ clue what they’re doing in a bid to destroy the government from the inside. Incompetence ultimately will be his downfall.

HELP! Someone from an 8th Dist. Indivisible group just asked me if I remember when Ginsberg got borked. DID I FORGET SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT? Did she mean Ginsburg? I asked but still.

I was using “borked” as in, this shit doesn’t work, not w/r/t Gorsuch. OMG. Kill me.


I, I, I think I’m done with these crazy fuckers.

Douglas Ginsburg. K. We’re all good.

@¡Andrew!: Somehow I didn’t catch this when it first aired last summer, but Fareed Zakaria’s breakdown of why Trump is a bullshit artist (and what that means exactly in terms of his relationship to the truth) is great.

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