Seven Takes in Search of an Audience

1. Watch this! It’s adorable!

2. Did you see how he shoved his daughter out of the way? If a woman did that, she would be accused of child abuse!

3. The desperate nanny is everything that’s wrong with patriarchal society.

4. That’s not a nanny, that’s his wife, and your presumption demonstrates the inherent racism in liberalism.

5. The fact the BBC is interviewing a white man about Asian politics betrays a Western bias in the representation of Eastern issues.

6. The fact you can’t enjoy a simple video about a flustered dad is why Trump won.

7. Where are they now? Meet the Nevermind baby and 27 other toddlers who knew fame before they could talk!

How professor/dad Robert Kelly realised he’d gone viral. Very, very viral [BBC]

The Backlash to That Interrupting-Toddler Video Arrived in Record Time [New York]


OMFG, Barry Unicorn & Shelley Oh!My! on the streets of NYC — I can’t decide who’s hotter. And I can’t stop weeping, wishing he could be back for a third term.

Ha! I’m up in the middle of the night because this shit has me upset. I just wrote something similar on my FB page.

I really enjoyed that clip. So much so that I was showing it to everyone I saw yesterday. Coworkers. Friends. My dry cleaner. Everyone. Some people who watched it with me called the woman a nanny; others a mom. No one felt the need to correct anyone else. They just laughed.

It was some much needed joy in my life. And so welcome now as I struggle a bit with humanity. To have it ruined by self-righteous assholes is beyond frustrating.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: It really struck me how broad-based the initial response was — my Twitter feeds consist of geeks, politicos and comedians, and when they’re all ringing the same chimes, something’s up.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at the backlash — hey, this is the Internet — but I was. Initially I thought it was opportunistic, but I read down a couple of the longer Twitter threads, and people were really getting into it.

In the end, I think Adorable will win out. Especially among parents. They know that moment all too well.

OMG – I just told someone to “check their fucking privilege.” It never occurred to me to bitch someone out like that. I also complained about her TERF-ass pussy hat. And now, here we go.

I mean, if you’re a Progressive, and part of the foundation of being progressive is inclusion, fucking learn to include people.

Don’t taunt me, nojo. I saw that grinder shit, too.

@JNOV: Giant Grinder opened in Eugene in the 70s, when nobody knew what a “grinder” was. That, like many things, was a product of Easterners coming to town for college and staying.

Still no local hoagie shops that I’m aware of.

@nojo: Did you move the previous/next post box, or am I hallucinating?

@SanFranLefty: I’ve been making a few adjustments to accommodate Chainsaw’s headlines.

@JNOV: Finder a partner and start up a Capriotti’s franchise. You will never feel taunted again.

@DElurker: WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS? There’s one kinda sorta nearby. Oh! The bread looks right, too! It’s all about the bread. Explain Jimmies.

@nojo: Would you please stop making me do math this early in the morning?

@DElurker: Dammit. I thought there was one in Tukwila. Sadness.

@JNOV: Google briefly suspended the God account because of signup spamming, so I had to take drastic measures. Logins are collateral damage.

ADD: I see I can do some fine-tuning in the settings. Should now be removed from everything except registration, which is where I want it.

@JNOV: You must mean a Bobbie. It’s Thanksgiving dinner on a roll. Capriotti’s is a Delaware thing with some franchises scattered where her friends and family settled like Vegas and L.A.

@JNOV: The turkey and roast beef are cooked on the premises daily. I don’t know how the rolls are sourced outside this area.

@nojo: I had to do a pattern recognition sign in earlier today. I hesitated because of some other things happening lately.

@DElurker: What surprises me is that it works — spam signups are down to a small handful a day. I had thought bots had captchas down cold.

@DElurker: Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. You don’t know what Jimmies are? You must be waay down south of the Mason-Dixon.

(Not kidding – the Mason-Dixon line splits PA from DE on I-95.)

@nojo: Cool cool. I’ll log out and test it. I was kind of kidding, but probably not.


@DElurker: And yeah. Rolls. We have a local joint, but they can’t get the Amoroso rolls out here without them going stale.

@JNOV: Actually the M-D line is the southern and western border of the state. It originally settled Penn vs Calvert holdings. I live about 300 yards from a point on the arc that forms the northern border.

1. That’s his wife, not a nanny;
2. He was trying to move his daughter behind the chair; and
3. He was wearing pants.

@JNOV: “Explain Jimmies.”

Chocolate are superior to the mult-colored, flavorless ones. Especially on cupcakes.

@JNOV: Do you mean Little Jimmie’s in Mt Airy? The local food critic raved about the place a couple years ago. A long drive from here.

@DElurker: Dude.

Nojo, explain Jimmies.

Shhhhhh, Beggars Biscuit. I want to see what nojo learned.

And, nojo – is Trump about to get us all killed?

I think he’s about to get us all killed.

@JNOV: I know not of Jimmies, only chocolate sprinkles.

@JNOV: Depends. Can the nukes reach Seattle?

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