Jack Chick, 1924-2016

Upon Jack’s arrival, St. Peter looked up from a collection of Chick Tracts and asked “What the hell is this shit?”

R.I.P. Jack Chick, comics scaremonger [A.V. Club]

The only thing satanic about D&D was a dungeon master I endured once.

He was quite a motherfucker.

Like Jack.

I’ll never forget my introduction to gay pron, er, I mean Chick Tracts. An older Southern Baptist couple gave me one about a young man who came out as gay right about the time I knew that the jig was up for my secksualitee. I was 12. After the cute, young twink came out, he went man-on-man on panel after panel with huge, ripped, Tom of Finland-style muscle bears. It was the horniest comic I’ve ever seen to this day–I wish I still had it. Of course the young man died of AIDS at the end, but whattawaytogo!!!

@¡Andrew!: The only one I remember clearly is a deathbed-conversion comic, but there were plenty more that crossed my path. Hell if I know how they found me, since my folks weren’t churchgoing types.

For that matter, as Lutherans, we were barely Christian to hegin with.

Just in time for Halloween horrors, Candidate Orange leads in the FL polls. Apparently, a plurality of 45% of Florida voters wanna be grabbed by the pussy. Whattafreakin’ country.

Weird. Cheeto Face has been trailing in FL for the most part.

On the other hand, Hilsbot doesn’t need FL to win at this point, almost at 270.

@ManchuCandidate: There’s a reason FL is best known for alcoholism, bath salts cannibals, and insanity. Oh, and Disney.

The Trumpists have gone full Reaver.

@¡Andrew!: Jeopardy had a “Florida Man” category a couple weeks ago (riffing on the amazing/horrifying Twitter account) and it was spectacular.

@¡Andrew!: Trump can have both Florida and Ohio. Not an electoral issue.

Marco winning Florida might keep the Senate under GOP control, however. Senate will be the real nail-biter election night.

@mellbell: I bow before Florida Man’s brilliance.

Never heard of this guy before, but one imagines that Ward Sutton (cartoonist for The Onion) is intimately familiar with his oeuvre.

I played lots of D&D in my day. Still can’t cast a level 1 spell in real life. Not even Fireball… unless you count throwing lit matches at a charcoal Bar-b-cue grill with waaay too much lighter fluid sprayed on top.

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