A Wild and An Untamed Thing

Your mission is a failure, your lifestyle’s too extreme.

You know the best time we ever had in an audience? Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1979. It was still fresh — first time in college-town Eugene — and while we were a total novice, we had some knowledgeable friends to instruct us in the Mysteries of hot dogs and playing cards.

So we’re thinking about the Town Hall debate tonight, how the format calls for questions from the audience, and really, wouldn’t you rather be dancing the Time Warp in the aisles and throwing household goods at the stage?

But short of that, we suspect you’ll be yelling DAMMIT repeatedly as you watch and join us for our Presidential Debate Open Thread/Sex Comedy. Don’t dream it. Be done with it.


Need to swing by the dispensary this afternoon for supplies.

Your Host may or may not be available for tonight’s show, as he is writing from Denver International and has no idea what this day will bring.

Me? I’m going to the Jays game and hope the Jays can finish the Rangers on a Bautista Bat Flip, but without a Tejas sized riot from the Rangers.


Oh hai. Still not sure I’ll be around. Weird day.

Glass of rose poured; bite of edible consumed.

Was he secretly injected with Xanax?

Oh wait, I just heard a sniff.

@SanFranLefty: Long story. But there’s a CNN feed I’m half-watching.

Drumpf is getting way to physically close to Hillary. Seriously making me nervous that she’ll have to whip out her ji-jutsi skills? Did he just call her the devil or are the edibles kicking in?

I think I’ve seen him use his thumb and forefinger to make the letter “L” behind her while she’s speaking?

Shit. He’s going to “bring economics to the people.” I don’t want to study that shit.

I love how they are posting the question on the screen.

OMG The EPA is one of the worst-funded agencies.

Hillary lived in Scranton – here we go re: coal.

Well, some dude called into C-SPAN and said that while he was disturbed by what Trump said on the tape, Jimmy Carter once said that “he had lust in his heart.”

We might be the stupidest country on Earth.

I’m going back to watching Luke Cage.

@JNOV: If this will cheer you up, Carly Simon re-wrote the lyrics of “You’re So Vain” in honor of the Orange Pumpkin With Anus Mouth, starting with, “Your face, it was apricot.”

Man, reading comments from the wrong wingers is enlightening: Trump won the debate; everyone’s biased (except them??); Beel Clintun’s a rapist (true); silent majority; Trump will get 150% of the vote in November; etc. Delusional doesn’t even begin to cover it.

My totally scientific, over-the-internet diagnosis is that these bug-eyed, hair-pulling, tongue-talkers are completely fucking crazy, if you’ll kindly excuse my use of psychiatric terminology. Send in the men in the white lab coats and the syringes.

It’s unimaginable that the RepubliKKKans will find someone worse than Trump to run in 2020, however I’m confident that they will.

Am I being cynical, or is the White House (which hasn’t exactly shied away from this kind of thing in the past) full on baiting Trump here?

@mellbell: Bait! Bait! Bait! Especially with her speech the same day.

@mellbell: This all seems about as real as professional wrestling. Hillbot will have The Don Don in a chokehold beggin’ 4 mercy in the final debate as revenge for Pussygate. Lovin’ the “on November 8th, pussy grabs back” memes, though.

@¡Andrew!: Our beloved homofascist captured a great poster from last weekend’s Chicago Marathon that made the point a little more subtly through pictures: “Run like [this] is trying to grab your [that]!”

@¡Andrew!: Turns out that the original “Pussy Grabs Back” meme was designed by a friend of a very good friend of mine, and said graphic artist and her feminist collective have printed up election day tees, and half of the profits will go to RAINN, which is an awesome anti-sexual assault/rape/incest organization.

@¡Andrew!: You should thank our favorite tree-hugger DodgerBlue for that news.

@mellbell: Yes. As well they should. Shelley Oh’s comments in New Hampshire were a thing of beauty.

@SanFranLefty: A total class act. Let’s compare today’s Trump pal, the 18-year old pimp.

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