Trump Delivers Iowa Concession Speech


It seems only the freaks of the GOP win Iowa…

08 Huckabee
12 Santorum
16 Cruz

The problem with most salespeople is that they gloss over all the drudge work necessary to build an organization and not realizing how critical it is. Like Trump… that ass.

@ManchuCandidate: Are you implying that the others are normal? This year’s line-up feels as if they are spirally downward, ever downward. Lincoln must be rolling over in the grave.

Man, the CBC will not shut up about all of the lurid details revealed in the Jian Ghomeshi rough sex/rape trial. Thanks for those unforgettable mental images, CBC. Still better than having to hear about the Iowa caucuses, though.

A caller on NPR said he was voting for Cruz because of his vow to exterminate Muslims. If only we could lock Ghomeshi, Cruz, and Bill Cosby in a room with CONgress and throw away the key.

Relatively speaking, yes.

But compared to the past, you are correct.

Donald Trump’s Theme Song . . .
Sarah Palin’s Theme Song . . .
Ted Cruz’s Theme Song . . .
Oh, What the Hell . . .
The 2016 Republican Presidential Campaign Theme Song.

By the truly greatest band of all time. Ass Ponys.

Nice to not have Martin O’Malley on stage interrupting the debate.

Deja vu all over again for Hils as Demrats feel the Bern?

@ManchuCandidate: Many gut-level similarities, especially at this point. Obama was by no means a proven candidate after winning Iowa, but he showed that Hillary wasn’t Inevitable, and raised the possibility that he just might go the distance.

And so, Bernie: No way Hillary should have just sneaked past a Declared Socialist. And maybe, over the next few weeks, she’ll prove to be Inevitable yet. But if Bernie runs a competitive race, there goes the “he’s not electable” argument, which is all she has to stand on.

Also, he’s got the yout’ vote but has issues with non whites so maybe not so much.

Still, not exactly the best foot forward for Hilsbot.

@ManchuCandidate: Hillary doesn’t inspire people. That was her problem then, that’s her problem now. Obama did. Bernie does. Whether Bernie inspires enough people to carry him through the primaries, we’ll see.

Hillary is also a terrible politician, in part because she’s never had to learn how to be a good one. Let’s be harshly honest: She’s only on the national radar because she’s Bubba’s Wife. Without the boost of being First Lady for eight years, she never even considers running for carpetbagging Senator from New Yawk.

Short version: Hillary is no Ann Richards.


Now she’s gotta deal with her Checkers, er, Wall St story.

I am meh on her. If I were a US Amercian I would be feeling the Bern but then again I tend to be a Don Quixote tilting at windmills.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m not sure Wall Street actually lands as an issue, except among the Occupy crowd. Certainly doesn’t have the visceral hit of her Iraq vote.

For that matter, her citation of Kissinger’s approval rubs folks like me very raw, but folks like me get AARP junkmail.

What she really has to deal with is that nobody really likes her. She doesn’t poison the well like Ted Cruz, and she earns respect, but her main pitch is that it’s her or some Republican Gremlin. Well, okay, fine, and I’ll settle if I have to, but don’t make me settle until alternatives are exhausted.

Look at Bubba. For all his many, many faults, he can still spin a tale. He’s still got it. He’s still Elvis. Hillary never learned that from him, and that’s her fatal flaw.

Bern, baby, Bern.

Actually, I can’t get that excited about him because of his appalling record WRT the gun industry, but pobody’s nerfect. I mostly like him because he’s the only candidate on either side who’s giving this near-death country a hot truth injection. That and the fact that Hilbot 3000 is the most cravenly corrupt candidate the Dems have ever run. She’s on Wall Street’s payroll, for fock’s sake, and she’s telling people straight up that she’s not going to fight for Democratic ideals. Great pep rally to GOTV. Also, people talk about her accomplishments–like voting for the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, and turning Libya into a failed state? Like claiming to stand up for women and children and then callously demanding more bombings of women and children? She’s only been wrong 100% of the time.

I’ll be voting for Jill Stein again if she’s the nominee.

I suppose if I can reach a point where I can forgive the Black Eyed Peas for My Humps, eventually I can forgive Bernie for voting to shield the gun manufacturers from lawsuits.

@¡Andrew!: Forgiveness not needed. All you’re doing is voting in self-defense.

In 1992, Bubba very publicly fried a mentally challenged convicted murderer to prove he was Tough on Crime. But it was him or Barbara’s Bitch, and that was that.

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