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Ink Different.Title: “Handwriting: Printing, Grades Preschool and Up”

Author: Brighter Child

Rank: 99

Blurb: “Children will have fun learning to print!”

Review: “I expected something different, I guess, but this is just lined paper with a line of capital letters to trace at the top, and half-way down, a line of lower-cased letters to trace of the same letter. It’s not very engaging for my son.”

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Footnote: Although we learned to type in junior high — in a classroom filled with girls — we spent most of our adult life as a voracious consumer of pocket notebooks and pens. Until five years ago. When we bought an iPad. We don’t even write checks any more. It’s all online. At what point does handwriting become as quaint as another of our junior-high classes, taking apart and reassembling a lawnmower engine?

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This is exactly what the nuns had us first graders do every day, using paper with alternating solid and dashed lines to trace letters and then try to copy them freehand. What’s funny is when I went to work for the mapping agency at the age of 21 I had to once again learn to print. Since in 1974 everybody used cursive writing once we had learned it very few people retained the skill of printing clearly. I learned it so thoroughly that I still print almost everything but my signature.

Was that “The Sound of Music” I kept hearing last night? Too bad Mary Martin couldn’t be there.

You should see the Japanese equivalent – they have 3 alphabets! I gave up after 3 weeks.

@Dave H: My cursive was so bad when I was a kid that my sixth grade teacher told me to print. I never stopped. My normal (quick) handwriting is all printing. I can only sign my name in cursive. When I took the LSAT, they make you write out this statement that you didn’t cheat, and you have to write it in cursive. I swear to Goddess it looked like the world’s biggest spaz had written my statement – because while everyone else was sweating bullets about the logic tree problems, I was sitting there trying to remember how you make an upper case T in cursive or a lower case f. So each letter was a separate cursive letter, not really connected to one another….

@blogenfreude: I used the Dr. Moku app on my phone to learn Hiragana and Katakana, and it worked like a charm. The lessons are so ridiculous that you can’t forget them. Learning the Kanji on the other hand…I’ve heard good things about the upcoming WaniKani and can’t wait to try it.

@¡Andrew!: Wow, I’m still listening to the podcasts from Ben and Marina on eh-Notes in eh-Spanish Advanced y Intermediate. I can’t imagine branching out to new languages like you’re doing.

@¡Andrew!: I could have used those apps when we lived there 15 years ago. Of course, I didn’t even have a cellphone yet.

@SanFranLefty: So far I can stumble over my feet in Japanese, Korean, Lao, Thai, and Burmese, get into trouble in both French and Serbo-Croat, and remain mostly literate in both English and Spanish.

I often wonder what words will come out when I am inevitably struck down with dementia….

@SanFranLefty & @Beggars Biscuit: ¡Me gusta mucho Ben y María! Bueno, infortunadamente mi español se chupa, y no puedo encontrar a nadie a practicar con. So being a total dilettante, I decided to learn (very basic) Japanese a few years ago upon returning from a study abroad program in Fukuoka. Now I can offend people all over the world with my slapdash language skillz.

Authorities Demolish Capitol Building That Was Site Of Gruesome 113th Congressional Session

According to officials, the decision to raze the 1.5 million-square-foot structure was aimed in particular at bringing closure to those whose lives were forever changed by the unspeakable acts committed there between January 2013 and January 2015.

“By tearing down these walls that bore witness to what can only be described as a brazen assault on basic human values, we begin the long, difficult process of recovering from this grave tragedy,” said D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, noting that over the past two years the Capitol Building had become a potent symbol of cruelty, immorality, and the “darker side of human nature.” “Perhaps with this demolition we can restore some measure of peace to our lives.”

“We cannot erase what happened there, of course, and things will never be the same after what those monsters did,” Bowser added. “But it’s time for us to move on and put this horror behind us.”

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