Mario Cuomo (1932-2015)



I’ve always thought of him as a man who had the potential to be a great statesman but for some reason he couldn’t take the leap. I don’t know what held him back.

I saw that Edward Herrmann also died.

@ManchuCandidate: Hamlet on the Hudson … most Democrats won’t even mention the New Deal, but he was proud of it.

He was a regular on the radio here in God’s country. In fact he did it once a week. I heard him tell the strangest story about his father, determination, and a tree that blew down. It was raining, high wind, mature pine tree blew down. Dad got all ‘I’m not gonna take this anymore!’, went out in the rain and righted the tree so it could thrive and grow. This was presented as a parable of immigrant grit and never-giving-upness. All I could think was, really? We’re expected to believe this? Dad was not young at the time and have you ever tried to lift a tree more than 10 ft tall? Plus this all happened in the middle of wind and rain? Plus getting enough of it back in the ground so it could hold? Weird.

An interesting man. I guess a good governor. I was then in my Pretty Period and was not paying attention. I’m likely going to Albany next week. Yes, that’s right. It’s all about me.

@ManchuCandidate: According to New Yorkers the reason began with M and ended with AFIA. Who knows. Clearly there was something in his past he didn’t want dredged up. Like my performance as Silvius, for example. We all have lapses we’d rather stay lapsed. Perhaps he knew the toll it would take. Not only on him but on his family. Perhaps he liked the job he’d got?

@Dave H: I saw that Edward Herrmann also died. Yes. Good man. Good actor. Also, Louise Rainer died at the age of 104. A woman of astonishing gifts and talent. Though I’m glad I never had to work with her as I’m sure she was hell on wheels. Read her life.

BTW, The Great Waltz is a film of such blissful idiocy it must not be missed. With Fernand Gravet and Miliza Korjus (rhymes with gorgeous) composing together Tales of the Vienna Woods in a carriage… No you have to see it. Heaven could be like this, with carriages passing, and postillions blowing their horns, while everyone waved their hats singing la di di lah! di lah. And then Rainer, in her astonishing entrance into the theatre!

It’s a very silly film that taps into a deep place of art and human feeling. Spoiler alert: When they dance around the gazebo. OMG.

@Benedick: you had a Pretty Period? Please – email me the photographic evidence, and we will post it!

@blogenfreude: I had a very pretty period. Will email evidence. Heads up – as the bishop said to the actress – you will need tissues.

This is one of those times where I wonder who really are the developmentally challenged ones in that family. Pity the dog, but poor Trig for having to suffer those morons with (allegedly) fully developed brains.

With not a little trepidation, my family went to see the Disney Into The Woods. My kids have watched the filmed version of the show a zillion times and know the lines and songs. Dwarves are very upsetting. That song got cut, and Johnny Depp was godawful, but aside from that we were generally pleased with the movie.

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