Everything But The Fish-Slapping Dance

Life got you down? Country swirling around the drain? Planet about to finally fulfill the promise of Seventies apocalyptic movies? We have a cure for what ails ya.


Hope that fish to the face reminded JJ Abrams not to fuck with our childhoods and screw up Star Wars VII.

@blogenfreude: JJ is safe. Lucas already lowered the bar.

@nojo: I was utterly charmed by the 2nd Star Trek reboot movie, plot holes and all. Tribbles will do that to you.

@blogenfreude: And now that you mention it, Stars Wars ain’t our childhood — it came out the week after I graduated from high school. Fireball XL-5 is our childhood.

@blogenfreude: Too late.

…not to fuck with our childhoods…

Senate Democrats Hoping To Go Out In Final Blaze Of Glory

“My fellow Democrats and I fully intend to go out with a bang, pushing through one final bill that has been completely gutted of any meaningful provisions in order to get enough votes,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) while describing the party’s last legislative hurrah, which is expected to have no measurable effect on the U.S. populace whatsoever. “This signature legislation will feature more than 500 pages of toothless clauses, unenforceable regulations, and generous compromises that give significant ground to our opponents while getting us nothing back in return—I promise you that.”

With many among their party not returning in January, Democratic leaders have said that the outgoing members of their caucus will always be able to look back on this final gesture as the crowning moment of their eight years in power, when all their efforts, once again, accomplished absolutely nothing.

@¡Andrew!: The truth is worse. Many D’s are expected to vote with the R’s, as soon as tomorrow, to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project.

@Dodgerblue: Don’t stress over it too much. Our country has shown that it’s simply incapable of executing these massive projects anymore; it’ll be a boondoggle of epic proportions. I doubt they’ll actually build more than a few miles of it before someone steals all of the construction munnie (Halliburton? Sure, why not?)

@¡Andrew!: Something not widely known is that the purpose of Keystone XL is to deliver crude to refineries in Houston so that refined products can be EXPORTED. Yes, American oil independence fans, the US of A will likely not see a drop of gasoline from this project.

Late breaking news: The House has just passed some POS approving Keystone XL. How many D’s in the Senate will join them to give Sen. Landrieu a big oily kiss?

Meanwhile, the news that I can now buy adult-sized Wonder Woman underoos pretty much made my month.

ADD: Fuck! Just my luck, they are “junior/teen girls” sizes, which means I’m 6 inches in height and 40 pounds in weight out of the size range…

@SanFranLefty: The Pointergate Mayor is apparently a huge Wonder Woman fan. There’s a photo out there with her desk filled with collectibles.

@Dodgerblue: My FB friend/former c0-intern with Mrs RML Julie Mason has been calling it political kabuki theater on her Sirius XM political talk show.

@redmanlaw: It’s on Hulu. Even creepier than I remember it.

@SanFranLefty: It is — Canadian tar sands crude, the nastiest stuff on the market. The plan is to refine it in Houston and then sell the refined products overseas. Energy independence, my fat ass.

@redmanlaw: Gonna be more like a street fight come January. The ALEC playbook is already out there and includes abolishing the EPA.

Hey… you’re right. But not according to the TV ads that run constantly up here, syncrude is the greenest stuff ever.

That picture of whatsisname creeps me out. He looks eerily like my father when I was a child. That is not a good thing.

@nojo: WordPress 4.0.1 is available! Please notify the site administrator.

Getting tired of relaying their messages.

ETA EDIT BUTTON ETC NOT PHONe friendly and I’m not even yelling for a change. Select/select all/copy/paste thing disappears with the quickness. Bus posting probably co tributes.

[Nojo responds: “Works on my iPhone.”]

Once I’ve edited, post button goes bye bye. This is a disaster of baked and Benedick proportion

And what’s the VD jingle, nojo?

@JNOV: The copy/paste thing is an iOS 8 issue. Also affects my iPad text editor.

@Mistress Cynica: I…I…wow…BWAHAHAHAHA. Everybody sing!

Thanks, Mistress. :-)

@nojo: Love it when it’s not only me. Kinda like that website.

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