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“Why shouldn’t I open this unknown email attachment?”Title: “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington”

Author: Sharyl Attkisson

Rank: 34

Blurb: “Who’s been hacking Sharyl Attkisson’s computers? Computers that turn themselves on in the night, make strange noises, then shut themselves down. Whoever is doing it is using highly sophisticated spyware available only to our top intelligence agencies. Is someone sending Attkisson a message?”

Review: “Haven’t started to read it yet, but will shortly.”

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Footnote: Geeks have been having a field day with Benghazi fantasist Attkisson’s thrilling tales of Highly Sophisticated Government Hacking: Her occasionally stuck delete key that behaves just like the occasionally stuck delete key on our old MacBook Pro. The brief overnight activities that are just like our laptop automatically checking email. The frequent clock resets that happen just like our old Mac G4 with a dead internal battery. Sharyl Attkisson sounds just like our Mom.

But if you really want a taste of Attkisson’s journalistic credibility on scientific and technical subjects, skip this and head straight for her anti-vaccination coverage. CBS’s only mistake was not firing her long before she quit.

Stonewalled [Amazon]

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Soldiers of Fortune and Obama’s hiding
Press making up shit to blame him
This fake scandal has wingnuts cumming.
4 dead in Benghazi!

Hilarious. I had not heard of her. I would be happier going forward if I could still say the same.

That cover photo would be better with a stylish tinfoil hat.

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