1973 Argonne Rebels! FUCK Yeah!

Savage, relentless artistry demonstrated by a horn line of kids mostly under the age of 16 and mostly female.

I make no excuses for the drum line but fuckin’ A these little kids ripped your heart out, ate it, burped and then ran back to do their chores.

Holy Fuck!

If you’re not ripping your clothes off during Malaguena, you have no pulse.


Pardon my musical ignorance, but about 2 seconds into the playing this blurred into generic loud marching band music and I remembered why at football games almost everyone but the parents of the kids in the band heads for the concession stands at halftime.

@Dave H: Well, the Stars & Stripes does sort of fall apart…

But that’s a tight band for most of it. Alas, I’ve never heard a recording — or broadcast, for that matter — that captures outdoor band music as experienced. The sound’s bouncing all over the place, but our ears are much better at piecing it together than microphones. I could revisit memories of playing trumpet in the middle of that shit and fill out the missing aural texture, but I wouldn’t expect that of less experienced ears.

I could have used this marching band in my meeting with my supervisor down at the cracker factory to help me make my point I should be the new team lead.


I’m fucking sick and tired of being passed over for positions because playing modest never got me anywhere (thanks mom!) so I’ll put my money where my stupid mouth is.

Something I noticed right away as a drummer is that the drums are tuned way low. It’s mu understanding that the drums are now tuned tight as shit and high, very trebly, not are not as rich on the low end as in this piece.

@ManchuCandidate: Perhaps we all should follow Satya Nadella’s advice and trust the system to reward us with raises and promotions. That must be how he became CEO of Microsucks.

CHAINSAW!!!!!! Dude!

@¡Andrew!: It’s the next book for the ladiez: Lean Back

Ha. Self promotion is a mandatory execubot skill.

@¡Andrew!: Fully agreed that Satya stepped on his foot, then inserted it into his mouth. But Geek word so far is that he’s a much refreshing upgrade from Ballmer (and Gates, to my taste), so unless he makes a habit of it, I’ll cut him some rookie slack for this one.

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