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Jill St. John is not a mitigating factor.Title: “World Order”

Author: Henry Kissinger

Rank: 17

Blurb: “Henry Kissinger has traveled the world, advised presidents, and been a close observer and participant in the central foreign policy events of our era. Now he offers his analysis of the twenty first century’s ultimate challenge: how to build a shared international order in a world of divergent historic perspectives, violent conflict, proliferating technology, and ideological extremism.”

Review: “Hillary Clinton wrote a very favorable review in the Washington Post.”

Customers Also Bought: “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives” by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Footnote: This is what happens when you let the Bastards get away with it.

World Order [Amazon]

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Invade Cambodia covertly. Covertly and overtly order the USAF to bomb the fuck out of the place. Lie about it. Absolve yourself of all blame for everything you helped unleash. Fuck Jill St John. Profit.

@ManchuCandidate: Meanwhile, elsewhere on the book tour

“The fact is, I did not engineer a coup against Allende,” Kissinger said. “Allende was overthrown by his military, with whom we had no contact with three years earlier when he came in.”

Let’s check the CIA account

The CIA continued to collect intelligence on Chilean military officers actively opposed to the Allende government, but no effort was made to assist them in any way. Some CIA assets and contacts were in direct contact with coup plotters; CIA guidance was that the purpose of these contacts was only to collect intelligence.

So, at a minimum, we were keeping tabs — contact with the military. What else were we doing?

Henry Kissinger urged President Richard Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government in Chile because his “‘model’ effect can be insidious,” according to documents posted today by the National Security Archive. The coup against Allende occurred on this date 40 years ago. The posted records spotlight Kissinger’s role as the principal policy architect of U.S. efforts to oust the Chilean leader, and assist in the consolidation of the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile.…

Today’s posting includes a Kissinger “telcon” with Nixon that records their first conversation after the coup. During the conversation Kissinger tells Nixon that the U.S. had “helped” the coup. “[Word omitted] created the conditions as best as possible.” When Nixon complained about the “liberal crap” in the media about Allende’s overthrow, Kissinger advised him: “In the Eisenhower period, we would be heroes.”

Well, golly, Henry certainly seemed proud of it at the time.

Leading to a couple of decades of torture and Milton Friedman economic policy (which is pretty much the same thing.) It wasn’t till the Allende like reforms (socialism!) which enabled Chile to escape the junta led economic death spiral.

A fact denied vehemently by every Friedman fan boy.

@ManchuCandidate: Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It allows you to fuck over everybody else at will.

If you have any sort of Kissinger impression (and I do…) there is only one word you need utter in the voice to get the audience on board. “Credibility”.

That is all.

@blogenfreude: “Pray with me, Henry” is my go-to Nixon impression, but not sure if that’s the actual phrasing or what Dan Akroyd used on SNL.

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