Hotties of the World Cup, Double Your Pleasure Weekend Edition

Saturday’s first two games have been some great playing:  Iran playing some great soccer and scaring the shit out of Argentina until Messi saved the day, and Ghana holding Germany to a draw. Because of the Ghana-Germany result, if the U.S. wins Sunday afternoon’s game against Portugal (and its hottie star Ronaldo) then the U.S. is guaranteed to get to the Round of 16.  I’m putting my money on the U.S. after seeing Clint Dempsey break his nose in the Ghana game and come back in and play the rest of the game once they stopped the bleeding. He’s playing tomorrow with a broken nose.

We're tough.We're purty.



Wait. I’m not sure we know what ‘hottie’ means.

BTW. I think we need a noje intervention.

@Benedick: I assume you’re referring to our American player. In my book, being tough as nails is its own special hottieness. When Clint Dempsey doesn’t have his face covered in blood, he is good looking.

@Benedick: Don’t worry. Things are crazy at work. I managed to do a week’s worth and a weekend post, and that’s likely going to be it until the final games.

I’ve never understood the appeal of Ronaldo. It seems like the douche fumes coming off that one are pretty strong.

Also, I’m attending a wedding tomorrow evening, so you can bet I’ll be that person surreptitiously peeking at my phone from the pews to check on the U.S. game, like some sort of stereotypical guy in a beer commercial.

@nojo: MistressCynica said on the Book of Faces that her connection was fakaka but mine seemed okay. At least enough to put up the post.

@flippin eck: I agree. I’m suspicious of all metrosexuals, and any man who must have a cabinet full of hair product and makeup. Plus a full time eyebrow plucker. That said, pictures of him sans shirt do not hurt my eyes.

P.S. Do you want updates via text?


He can’t help it if he’s hung.

@JNOV: Not a Hammaconda, but who can compete with that?

@SanFranLefty: Not a Hammaconda, but who can compete with that?. Ahem.

Speaking of World Cup hotties, can we talk about the coaches for Belgium and Russia?

Rawr. I bet they could teach me a thing or two about “soccer.”

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Read last week that “soccer” originated as Brit shorthand for Association (Football), but they dropped it after we picked it up. Can a Limey confirm?

Russia has a player named “Jacoff”?

@Dodgerblue: Russia doesn’t have a player named Jacoff?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Dries Mertens.

What’s not to love?

@libertarian tool: She’s an outstanding athlete and drop-dead gorgeous but this ain’t the first time she’s had some *ahem* issues.

Are you going to watch the game at an Ess Eff bar? I was thinking about going to Hi-Tops in the Castro but I’m such a misanthrope and abhor crowds, so I’d rather just sit on my couch. I walked by the Kezar Pub yesterday afternoon and you could hear the screaming from the Golden Gate Park side of Stanyan Street.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Mertens does not hurt the eyes.

@SanFranLefty: I walked down to McTeagues, but the line was around the block at game time. I was going to continue to the Civic Center, but it turns out the joint next door – Mayes Oyster Depot – has been refitted as a sports bar and was catching the overflow. Still packed, but at least I could belly up to the bar and get a drink.

I think the next round is Thursday. I feel compelled to stay on the bandwagon until they get eliminated, then I can go back to ignoring this ridiculous sport.

Hmm, that’s Thurs night at midnight, Hong Kong time. i have to give a presentation at 9 AM Friday. Well, WTF.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Cute, but so young-looking I was certain he fell outside the half-my-age-plus-7 range. Turns out he is 27.

/Sport related/

A-Rod Allegedly Banned from 15 Central Park West

…it seems as though the people running the building, much like, well, pretty much everyone, just don’t like A-Rod. One staffer told Gross, “One time he had two [prostitutes] go up, they came and left, and 10 minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in. He doesn’t care. I hate the guy,” while another described him as a “douche.”

Yeesh. Whatta A-Hole.

But he just wants to be loved…

Shows that 250 million can’t cover up being an utter dick.

Speaking of which… Gary Oldman.

@mellbell: Technically, he (barely) falls outside of that range for me, but since I look so much younger than I am . . . .

@ManchuCandidate: Gary Oldman. Giving us another example of why actors should really just STFU and let their work speak for itself.

T minus 100 minutes to kick-off. I will be having breakfast at the sports bar near my office.

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