A Brief Essay on the Comparative Effectiveness of a Sight Gag in Complementary Media

Let us tell you why this video works. This video works because it’s the closest thing we’ve seen of its kind to a B. Kliban drawing. That is why this video works.

[via Know Your Meme]

I used to have a Kliban cat shirt (& still have a few others) where the Cat is either puking in or drinking out of a toilet with party-making debris littering the area.

Below, it said “Las Vegas”.

Wavy Gravy got the giggles when he saw it a few years back. He said it perfectly captured the Las Vegas experience.

Sadly I left the shirt in a motel room & never got it back.

Our cats do that shit … without ice.

@jaycubed: I don’t recall precisely when Cat Stick was acquired, but he must be 35 by now. I doubt Kliban retired on those, but they were perfect for the Pet Rock era.

There’s also slightly younger Cat Mug in the kitchen, but he hasn’t made an appearance.

We’ve got cats and now we have goats . . . can the herd of bunnies let loose on the web today be far behind?

@BobCens: Bunnies never do anything. Except in Warner Bros. cartoons.

@nojo: I also have an even older (30+ yrs) Kliban cat shirt I think of as Schroedinger’s Kliban Cat – It appears to be walking through your body with the cat’s head in front & butt on your back.

I’ve been planning for years to cut off the back cat picture & have him/her installed on a plaque.

It would be a Cat’s Ass Trophy.

@BobCens: If I say anything now, I won’t have anything to write tomorrow morning.

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