Philip Seymour Hoffman (1967-2014)


Award-winning Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment [WSJ]


1:51 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

This fucking sucks.

1:56 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

NY Post: “Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead of an apparent drug overdose — in the bathroom with a hypodermic needle still in his arm — inside a Greenwich Village home on Sunday morning, cops said.”

His addiction problems are news to me.

1:56 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

Don’t do heroin, kids.

What a tragic loss. An immense talent.

2:07 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@nojo: they’d reported a while back (last year) that he was in rehab for heroin addiction. 46 fucking years old – what a loss.

2:49 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014
3:59 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@blogenfreude: That’s just the backed up line for the Super Bowl.

4:15 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014
4:18 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@nojo: late for work on Friday, so I jumped in a taxi – so much traffic that it took 15 minutes and 21 dollars to get to B-way and 66th from 74th. Jumped out, got on the subway, cars more crowded than usual. So happy we didn’t get the Olympics, although people in London were getting 700-1000 pounds for apartments they sublet. We would have had to leave the city.

4:42 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014


6:22 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

I watched Big Lebowski about once a week freshman year of college with a friend who was obsessed with it. Before the tenth or so viewing he said, quite seriously, “Really pay attention to Brandt this time.” It was sublime.

9:19 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

Sad. Troubled but talented.

Speaking of troubled. Only thing exciting about Super Bowl is… well… nothing. Don’t do anything rash, Redmanlaw.

9:46 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

I’ll never understand how someone can have all of the success that life has to offer and still self-destruct. Addiction is such a motherfucker.

The whole heroin fad is weird, isn’t it? I can’t even remember the last time that I read about a celebrity cocaine overdose, and they seemed to happen daily when I was a little kid in the 80s. Why can’t people stick to MJ or just smoking opium?

10:02 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

Whoa! There’s fireworks, dancing, hollering, and honking going on outside my house. I think the Sonics just won the World Series!

10:08 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@¡Andrew!: Finally, revenge for those Bud frogs that ripped off Rainier.

10:16 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@nojo: Oh sweet FSM, the internet jokes are coming in waves now: “Not since the OJ Simpson chase has America been so disappointed in a slow, white Bronco.”

11:06 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@¡Andrew!: I’m not in a position to post it, but somebody illustrated that in a tweet.

Also making the rounds: A clip of Homer Simpson owning the Broncos.

11:13 pm • Sunday • February 2, 2014

@ManchuCandidate: Now the Seahawks have gone and sent Rob Ford on his daily bender. Antics to follow.

5:25 am • Monday • February 3, 2014

For a guy who claims to be a footbawl guy, he has a pretty good record… for picking losers since his cracking tape showed up. I suspect the Raptors and maybe the Maple Loafs will pay him not to wear their jerseys in support.

7:13 pm • Monday • February 3, 2014

The following is a video of last night’s football rioters waiting patiently for a green light in order to cross the street. OMFG that is so Seattle.

5:21 pm • Wednesday • February 5, 2014

@¡Andrew!: IS it really a fad? I always thought heroin overdose to be the little black dress of bad celebrity deaths.

5:54 pm • Wednesday • February 5, 2014

Movie acting is no job for a grown up.

They’re dimming the lights on Broadway tonight and one can only wonder why.

7:30 pm • Wednesday • February 5, 2014

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: Back in my day sonny, an actor or producer got all insanely rich and famous, bought a hideous, gold-leafed McMansion in Sherman Oaks, and then the next thing you know they’re spending $20 grand a month on cocaine before dropping dead at a mid-day bacchanalia-orgy with a tidal wave of blood gushing outta their nose like the mighty Rio Grande. AND THAT’S THE WAY WE LIKES IT.*

*Actually, I think this just happened with Zac Efron, except incredibly he’s still alive after only smashing his face through a plate glass coffee table. Gawd, I’m such a bitch. Do you think they can get him for Commander Riker in the inevitable Next Generation reboot? Jesse Eisenberg can play Picard, since Kee-rist, he’s in everything else.

11:07 pm • Wednesday • February 5, 2014

@¡Andrew!: I thought everybody waited at the light because of Seattle’s notorious jaywalking laws. But granted, my info is two decades old.

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