Peter O’Toole, 1932-2013

Peter O’Toole, star of Lawrence of Arabia, dies aged 81 [Guardian UK]

One of the best moviegoing experiences I’ve ever had was watching the restored Lawrence of Arabia at the single-screen Uptown theater. He was so good in that, if you haven’t seen My Favorite Year, shame on you.

I don’t remember the exact quote now, but from memory…

O’Toole is filming in the desert, picks up the sword for the first time. He looks at it — then he admires his reflection in the steel.

“Good boy,” says David Lean.

@blogenfreude: And one of mine was seeing it at the AFI Silver (it’s no Uptown, where I had the deep pleasure of seeing the Final Cut of Blade Runner, but still) in, gosh, 2007? Simply marvelous.

@nojo: “Well, it was pitch dark and there he was. Tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good-looking . . . in a brutal, mean way, Papa. A terrible man!” For my eternal and undying affection, name that film!*

*This contest is open to anyone, but especially nojo.

@mellbell: Forget what I saw there, but The Senator in Baltimore is great – and it’s featured in the movie Avalon.

@mellbell: You’ll have to save that affection for stray cats, since I’m totally clueless.

@Benedick: Great character actor whose name I can’t recall. I can picture him vividly, though.

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