MSNBC-in’ ya.

Doorman (2)

Snapped on the wall of a restaurant in the theatre district (ha!).

A man who loves men.

Just not in that way.

But who numbers hairdressers and cocksucking fags among his friends.

Don’t we all?


apropos of very little, I just wish to observe that the current crop of Tea Party politicians remind me of snakes, frightening, slithering, up to no good probably, and altogether reprehensible. how the hell did they get there?

Some of my best friends are fatheads

i’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m addicted to Wonkette, but keep getting thrown off the site. anyone else having trouble? or do I need computer upgrades? or is it that I haven’t sent them money?

@lynnlightfoot: The problem is they are evil and mock geeks in Birks.

Zoolander called, he wants his “blue steel” back.

@Serolf Divad: That movie is so damn brilliant and so damned cursed for having its release date be 9/14/01.

Did someone say “cocksucking fag”? I’ve been a little busy…

@lynnlightfoot: Maybe it’s your computer somehow… I still go there all the time, and I never have trouble…

@Benedick: The show was unwatchable, although I was looking forward to the next Rachel hand-off.

@Benedick: there’s something unhealthy about him. He’s really got a psychotic vibe, you know?

@Tommmcatt Says Get Off My Damn Lawn: I know a costume designer who’s dressed him who says he’s really sweet, harmless, and a total child. I would not want to be directing him.

I haven’t seen Martin Bashir onscreen for a few days which is a worry.

@Benedick: A day without Martin Bashir is like a day without a Drano enema. He’s the only person on MSNBC I like less than Larry “Smugfap” O’Donnell.

@Tommmcatt Says Get Off My Damn Lawn: I find Bashir amusing. That’s all that can be said about land.

@mellbell: The pugs hide behind the sofa.

Who the fuck gave that guy a show anyway? Did they watch too much 30 Rock and think Jack Dongahey would make sharp comments and keep the show moving forward?

@Tommmcatt Says Pull My Finger: His local radio show from whatever missile silo state he came from was just this side of the farm report. I used to hear it when I went to Montana on a case I was working on. That and the CBC made the drives interesting.

@redmanlaw: Baldwin does a radio show/podcast on WNYC, which was probably the inspiration. But if you listen to it, he comes off as a lesser James Lipton, and the TV version just mixed in a weird Robert Evans vibe. It could have been over-the-top Wrong — especially with the faux-diner set — but instead it was simply lame. I kept waiting for the Canadian Air Force to bomb it.

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