Hand-Edited Sentences!

Schoolmarms they do vex us.Title: “A Pocket Style Manual”

Authors: Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers

Rank: 35

Blurb: “With its signature Hacker handbook quick-reference features—hand-edited sentences, color-coded documentation coverage, user-friendly index entries, and a clean, uncluttered design—A Pocket Style Manual has always provided fast, effective answers to writing and research questions.”

Review: “Makes switching from MLA style to APA a snap.”

Customers Also Bought: Umpteen other guides to ruining your writing.

Footnote: Fuck Chicago. No, really: Fuck Chicago. May it rot in Hell.

A Pocket Style Manual [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon Kickback Link]


Hey, now — don’t be talking smack about The Hacker Guide.


Wait. Whoa. Diana switched sides?

I can’t wait to download it to my iPad. Where it can abide with Steamballs.

BTW, it’s ‘usen’t’; ‘proved’; ‘lie down’; ‘wanker’.

Someone has to explain the fake AP handbook to me. Is it a joke? Like George Will?

@Benedick: Yes. Reasonably clever, if you’ve ever lived with the real one.

Can’t decide whether tis nobler to buy or rent the thing.

Meanwhile our beloved noje comes up with the wild stinque of the day like the vicar with choirboys.

@Benedick: Hey, be nice to him, he and Bloggie are the only ones posting around here these days. I swear I will get out of the shitstorm of work soon and put up new and interesting things. By the time I get home at night (or back to the hotel room at night) I’m too tired to think or craft a witty bon wot. Until I am back to a more-normal normal, I may be limited to cat videos which I know piss off some Stinquers.

I used to have to follow the UPI Stylebook for a summer in high school. That book, its parent organization, and the newspaper for whom I worked that summer are all defunct. It’s comparable to owning an AMC Gremlin, and about as hip in retrospect.

@SanFranLefty: Werd. Sometimes I have to sit looking at my screen for hours at a time. It is a horror. To avoid harming the pugs sometimes all I can do is play Angry Birds. It is desolating: as Jean Paul Sartre said to Simone de Beauvoir as he spilled chips in her lap while reaching for his first fag of the day.

@matador1015: UPI had a stylebook?

Of course they would have. Even if I never heard of it.

Meanwhile, the family-owned rag I worked at from 1981-1983 is still around, and still owned by the family. It’s easier when you’re not a Major Metro.

Also, sage advice from Grizzled J-School Prof: Never work for Gamnett.

@Benedick: I was thinking about you. You got me interested in the 7 Up series. After I saw the first one where the children were playing with junk, I mean beams with sharp, dangerous things sticking out of them, and you told me that that was what England was like in the ’60s…I couldn’t believe it took so long to recover from the war. It was/is upsetting to see what passed as playthings for those kids. The ones from a group home were building a house…

Maybe it’s because I work with wounded veterans now, or maybe it’s because my mind organically misfires, but I’ve been listening to a lot of antiwar songs at work. Most of them are by English bands (you might have heard of the Beatles and Pink Floyd, but maybe not).

There’s this one line in A Day in the Life where John Lennon (he married a screeching woman who broke up the Beatles, but not really, but really about the screeching) that talks about all of the holes in the roads and how they would fill Prince Albert Hall (I have no idea what that is, but it sounds big). The song is based on something John read.

Pink Floyd isn’t subtle. I understood Us and Them when I was 17, but 30 years later as we’re inundated with these claims from wounded vets, I dunno. I didn’t understand, and I still don’t.

And it’s weird that after writing Cry Baby Cry, Paul is now Sir Paul, but he also has had some shoddy work done, so, meh. I don’t think he should be credited with most of their songs.

So, yeah. I’ve been thinking about 7 Up and you and war and stuff.

What an ugly world, and then I think about Dear Prudence and the meaning behind it, and I wonder if Prudence had it right.

I can’t even wrap my head around the people we’ve killed in these wars.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: Yes. When she became a recluse in an ashram. The Beatles were there, and John played the song for her. She liked it.

@Benedick: I’ve been using Dr. Moku to teach myself some basic Japanese this summer. The silly quizzes are actually quite relaxing, and I may be able to read at an adult level by 2045.

@JNOV: Mwaah! kiss! Wish I could give you a hug as strong as baked gave them to you.

Heavy shit, girl. And yes to what you said, all of it.

Have you reached a resolution w/r/t the current chicken situation at Jardin JNOV?

@SanFranLefty: Man, no chickens or goats for me. I’m in limbo as far as where I’ll physically be working (until I find a new job). I want to move away from the city (and hopefully not to trailer meth labville), but they are moving me to Seattle. I don’t know when. They only have to give me two weeks notice. That kind of sucks for me, because I don’t want to commute from here. I’d be cooler with the commute if they didn’t keep jerking us around.

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