Dept of I’m Going To Hell: the NTSB intern’s name is Sum Dum Goy.

@Dodgerblue: Per my local Ess Eff fishwrap, NTSB is saying the intern confirmed the names offered by KTVU, it didn’t come from the idiot kid (who will have a hard time finding a paying job).

in a subsequent phone interview with the SFGate’s Jeff Elder, NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel made clear that the names “originated at the media outlet” and that the intern — unaware of the offensive names — was “acting in good faith and trying to be helpful” by confirming names he didn’t know.

“The NTSB does not release or confirm the names of crew members or people involved in transportation accidents to the media,” Nantel said.

Then again, it could be that the Chronicle has no clue.

How’s the air where you are? Using a breathing masque?

@SanFranLefty: It’s hot and humid but I can see blue sky and the air doesn’t stinque. I’m about to take the Star Ferry over to HK Island to meet some work friends for dim sum.

Mcjobs McSucks

I’ve been working 60 hours weeks at my blue collar pharma production job just to make ends meet. I’m fortunate that the company encourages overtime unlike Walmart or I’d be looking for a part time job.

On the bright side (and the only bright side), I’m down 10 pounds since I started and dropped about 2 inches off the waist.

@ManchuCandidate: Right onski. My wife got me a Fitbit, really an amped-up pedometer, for Fathers’ Day, a none too subtle hint. I’m down 9 pounds and want to get down to 220.

TJ/ The pygmy goat population shall be four. Six is too many. On to the chickens. Four and a rooster? I have to have a rooster, right? It will crow at sunrise, IOW 4 am or 10 am?

Hogs — who’s down with hogs? They kinda scare me. Thanks, Snatch!

ETA: Roy or Graham? I’m thinking Roy.

@JNOV: Nothing cuter than little piggies. Not so much as they get older. I grew a field of pumpkins for them. Every day I would throw some overhead into the pig lot. Man did they squeal. The chickens will take care of any grasshopper/bug problem you may have. Good luck!
A word of caution . . . several of my 20 or so chickens were a little slow of foot and became pig food.

@BobCens: Um. Yeah. w/r/t the HOGS as my cousins always corrected my urban ass…the first time I went to visit family in Suffolk, VA, I was walking to the outhouse (only cold running water inside the shotgun house). Anyway, I was walking to the outhouse, and I passed the HOG pen. I was like, “Oh, look! Wilbur!” I got up close and those fucking Wilburs tried to take down the fence. Nope. Those damn things are mean as hell.

I do need a rooster so the hens will lay? How many chickens did you start with?

I’m not dealing with any livestock until spring.

1. Get old beater for hauling stuff. <– working on it.
2. Get old beating running.
3. Find a place to live with my wee darlings. <– working on it
4. Keep beater running.
5. ?
6. Profit! <– Peace of mind.

@JNOV: 1. Pigs are not mean – just playful (and really hungry as they get to market size).
2. I had 2 dozen hens and 2 roosters
3. Don’t need roosters for hens to lay eggs, but they do add that spice to the sunny-side up. If you have two, one will be dominant (he gets first choice of hens). Interesting to watch in the evening before they go to roost.
4. Can’t say anything for goats (no experience).
5. Of course, my “farming” experience was brief and about 30 years ago (kinder, gentler).

@JNOV: If your main interest is eggs, do not get a rooster. Depending on where you’re living, there may be restrictions. In Mac, you can have four chickens in the city limits but no roosters.

@BobCens: Heh. Nope. No pigs, man. But sexytime with the hens. Oh! I forget these things. Or are you talking about cock fights?

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah, I don’t think Roy cares about that stuff. 0.49 square miles housing ~800 souls and farms.

Annnnnnd…I’m going to look at a ’78 K5 next week. Stoked.

Wait. You don’t have a Wholefoods ? Where the hell are you? Nebraska?

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