And Not an Earthquake or Lightning Bolt To Be Felt…

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you...And you...And you...Gotta give em hope.” Oh haaiii, it’s Pride weekend here in Ess Eff, in case you didn’t hear. And you may have heard the sound of a million wingnut heads asploding as the Ninth Circuit wasted no time in lifting its stay on Judge Walker’s decision striking down Prop. 8, and while the City and County of Ess Eff can be highly inefficient in some areas, they are super efficient in issuing parking tickets and marriage licenses.  City Hall will be open all weekend until 8 pm each night.

Catch a flight and land at SFO.

SFO last night


I hear a lot of gnashing of teeth, popping of pills, guzzling of vodka and creaking of a closet door from the Bachmann household

That’s beautiful. They should keep those buildings like that all the time.

And if you missed it, both couples in the Prop 8 lawsuit got married yesterday — officiated by the California Attorney General in SF, and the Mayor in LA.

@nojo: Saw both weddings last night on Rachel and both were joys to witness. It takes a special kind of loose screw to watch two couples so clearly overjoyed and to think their weddings will lead to rampant bestiality, necrophilia and all the other BS the fundies conjure.

The AG and the mayor appeared to be as happy as the couples they married. Truly refreshing to see pure unadulterated love win on such a scale. There will be a lot of cleaning up to do nationwide but I think this week’s decision has absolutely doomed every state & local law restricting marriage.

@Dave H: We were running errands this morning and commented that when the Safeway cashiers are wearing special Pride t-shirts and the Bed, Bath, & Beyond is decked out in rainbow flags and bunting, that it’s time for the conservatards to give up.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: The opera house and Coit Tower are also lit up for Pride, and look incredible.

@nojo: That’s where I saw them — the LA wedding was broadcast live — and I thought the same thing: Explain to me again how such moments of unalloyed Joy are going to undermine the Republic.

@Benedick: Not here, baby. Not a cloud in the sky. No fog. 70 degrees and sunny – at 8 pm in Ess Eff in June, is shocking. Oh, and no humidity or bugs.

I’m pleased to say that Gen. Homofascist approves of my daughter’s fiancee.

Here’s the state of gay marriage issue in New Mexico: Our Demoweenie attorney general who is awaiting his turn at the governor’s office held by his dad for several terms but who does not appear to want to put any work into getting the gig, says the state constitution’s equal protection provision makes all marriages equal before the law but the marriage license form listed in the statutes says “husband and wife” or some shit like that and therefore the marriage of two dudes or two ladies is problematic.

He is literally elevating the form above substance on this issue. In the meantime, our GOP governor says “let the people vote” on their rights.

Supremes turned down Haters’ request to stay the 9th Circuit’s lifting of its injunction. Hey morons, no standing means no standing.

@redmanlaw: Somebody may want to fill the governor in on what happened at the Supreme Court this week. Letting the people vote to take away rights in California didn’t go over so well. Sounds like he must have been incommunicado.

@Dodgerblue: Kennedy rejected it in a verbal ruling, along the lines of: “Read my lips, bitches.”

@Dave H: Letting the people vote to take away rights in California didn’t go over so well.

The Supreme Court prefers that the government do it directly and eliminate the middleman.

@nojo: “The Supreme Court prefers that the government Supreme Court do it directly and eliminate the middleman.”


@SanFranLefty: @nojo: If you two were either incorporated or fabulously rich (best case is both) you wouldn’t be so rough on our very own best government money can buy.

It rained again today. And it was pretty heavy. Coincidence? Or approaching flood?

@Benedick: What’s the locust situation there?

@SanFranLefty: They’re afraid to come out on account of the RAIN!!!!! It rained all last night and most of today. The hub asked what were my ‘ark skillz’.

Plus my iPhone keeps going WAANNGONG!! WAANGONG!! at inopportune moments to warn me about the approaching flash floods. (Note to city folk: not the same as flash crowds.)

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