Meanwhile, Back in San Antonio

Vamonos Espuelas!Apparently the mouth-breathers of the inter-tubez didn’t understand that you don’t have to be a yodeling blond chick to screech out the Star Spangled Banner, because these lug-nutz on teh internetz got heated up because a 10-year-old kid from San Antonio — whose dad is active duty in the Navy — had the temerity to sing the national anthem before the Spurs beat (CRUSHED) the Heat in game 3 of the NBA Finals.

[Public Shaming]

Too bad all the bigoted commenters can’t be quarantined in the interests of public safety and civility.

I can’t get over how adorable his outfit is.

Face of the future.

Plus, no one should be allowed to sing that ghastly song a cappella. EVER. There should be no grace notes. No decorations or hooting or belting sharps at the top. Can we even call this music? It has an intro way at the bottom of the voice and then the tessatura jumps way too high. What? It’s like Andrew L W wrote the anthem. Couldn’t we just sing Feelings instead? Such a quintessential American song. Like Gift to be Simple for people who own a Prius.

PS. Maybe Barbara Cook could sing that shite but… why would she want to?

Update: Spurs invite him back to sing the anthem again.

Take that, ignorant bigots!

I love the response from the local state senator:

Texas Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, didn’t mince words with her reaction.

“I would dare any of these low-lifes to stand in front of the San Antonio Spurs with a microphone in hand in our arena and say what they’re feeling,” she said.


It’s not like those racist bigots are a shining example of white superiority.

@SanFranLefty: Leticia Van de Putte? Is she related to Lily von Shtup or Frau Farbissener?

@Dodgerblue: Really her name. She’s a kick-ass take-names sort of lady-pol.
@mellbell: I know, and it’s in silver and black.

/shame about the result of tonight’s game, though.

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