Senator Frank Lautenberg (1924-2013)


Which GOP asshole will Christie nominate to take his place?


Looks as though the field is pretty set for 2014 (would love to know what our MIA New Jersey correspondent thinks of Booker), so it will probably be a run-of-the-mill seat-warmer.

@mellbell: Although, if Christie really wanted to fuck with people, he could pick the Muslim judge he nominated a couple of years back (over the objections of, as he put it, “crazies”).

@mellbell: that would be great. Or Senator Kevin Smith. Or Senator Springsteen. Just fuck with ’em.

Joe Pesci.

That’s a nice Senate you gots there. Be a shame if somethin’ wuz to happen to it.

I get this image of the uncooperative Chair of a Senate committee waking up to find the head of his favorite lobbyist at the foot of his bed.

Of course there’s also The Situation. He could go bumpin’ abs with KKKongrissmodel Schock. Have we run out of famous Nu Joizee people yet?

@redmanlaw: Westboro said they were going to show up at Hanneman’s funeral. Not sure if they did. Assholes.

Special Election!

We have Christie to thank for my son’s tuition + R&B going up by $15K one year. He was an out-of-state student at that time. I saw the bill and vomited. Luckily, his grandparents came through. His professors aren’t safe, though…

NJ has cut back on a shitton of social and educational benefits. Are we they broke or not? Obviously, Christie is broken.

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