Kittens Attack! (kibble)

The grey one is Yoda (shelter name Prince). The black one is Vader (shelter name Muffin). Vader was one of a litter of three – he’s the only survivor. He would not eat six weeks ago, and a vet said he would die. Then he was put in with Yoda’s litter, and Yoda started to fuck around with him. He started eating, and now he’s here with us.


CUTE. I love when they’re so little and fuzzy. It’s such fun when there are two of them to play together.

Love the names. If I ever get to name a litter of furbabies again I think I will do movie villains: Hannibal, Vader, Kahn, Loki, Vlad, and, of course, Galt.

Vet this AM – aside from a minor skin problem they’re fine.

They’re beautiful. We had two cats for a while and found it much easier than one. Teach them how to play gin rummy and you’re pretty much set. When do they start barking?

I love cats, but the rest of the family is allergic. I can usually make friends with most cats, even really anti-social ones.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: I had a cat named after Pu Yi — The Last Emperor — because just like in the movie, I spent a lot of time dealing with his shit.

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