First Official Portrait

So just let me know if the new cat photos/videos get to be too much:



Awwwwww. Kittens are the cutest (OK, puppies can be cute, too, but human babies are mostly butt-ugly). Keep those pics and videos coming.

They’ve already got the cat “I hate you humans for doing this to me” look.

There can never be too much kitteh.

@Mistress Cynica: What you said. Although I think puppies are cuter if we had to do a side-by-side contest.

@ManchuCandidate: we didn’t rescue them, but someone else did, from a construction site and an abandoned building. Foster home, website, and there we were. If disdain is what they want to do, they’ve earned it.

@blogenfreude: Earned Disdain could be the subtitle of this website/community.

Meanwhile, squeeee!! They are so freeeeaaaking adorable.

I used to think Stinque was cutting-edge, but now it’s cute-ing edge. How the mighty are fallen. Back to Wonkette and The Rude Pundit.

Zafod the Curmudgeon

BTW, I’m allergic to cats which may limit my appreciation of them a bit.

@RevZafod: Even Metallica gets to release a ballad now and again.

@RevZafod: Raised by a mother who despised them. All but one sibling, a regular cat lady, treats them with indifference at best. A brother’s in-laws all have at least a couple of cats and they hold long discussions about their well being at family gatherings. One of the in-laws made the mistake of asking my brother if he liked cats. His reply was that he didn’t know as he had never really tasted one but that he had shot a few in his lifetime.

Gone for awhile, and I come back to this and this. Awesome.

Wrt cats, we are at the crossroads of deciding if we relocate across the globe with the two we have, or leave one with my mum so we can adopt a new one in Siam.

@RevZafod: Bro, catblogging is the cornerstone of the intertoobez. Don’t hate…

@Beggars Biscuit: We’re all ashamed.

In Siam. They have pugs?

@Benedick: that phrase is listed in Leviticus as an abomination. Hardly the same thing.

Hey, everyone, I have a long history of loving cute pussies. But even my younger sister who had a pet cat once in the mid-1950’s gave them up after the time she sat on a daybed in the basement where the cat stayed, and stood up covered in fleas.

But “chacun a son gout”, said the old lady as she kissed the cow under the tail.

As I used to say, I grew up with two dogs, four cats, and a brother.

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