London 1927 (in color)


[via Buzzfeed]


@blogenfreude: My dad bought an early tin-can Civic. My dad is 6-4. The Civic didn’t last long.

By comparison, my 2005 Civic is built like a tank.

@nojo: wish I still had my ’91 Civic CRXi – fast, fun an utterly reliable. And a 5-speed that was perfect.

My wish-car is the 1940 Chevy inline-6 my folks had in Madison, WI while I was in college at VMI. Bought from a friend of my mother’s in her hometown in SE Iowa for $200 and sold four years later for $250. Three-on-the-floor, running-boards, ran over snowdrifts when newer cars were stuck.

My mourning is somewhat relieved by my GT-R.

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