Lena Horne , 1917-2013 is Still Dead

Damn, what a voice.


Yes, I know she died Sunday so her death isn’t breaking news…but I finally had time today to go on You Tube to listen to clips.

I guess you did not get the memo…………..
Lena died in 2010.

@MKULTRA63: I really didn’t get the memo. My mother told me the other day that Lena Horne had died. I didn’t ask for more info, and my mom is mentally ill and says shit sometimes. But apparently she didn’t totally pull it out of her crazy mind, god only knows how she heard that news update…[Update: probably the Sac Bee]

/that’s what I get for listening to my crazy mother and not checking the dates.

definitely not keeping up the fine standards here. /hangs head

@SanFranLefty: Fine standards? I remember a poster that once called The Pogues an “Irish” band. The site has never quite recovered from that gaffe…

@SanFranLefty: my Aunt Sylvia, a white Jewish lady, was a dead ringer for Lena. Married a dead ringer for Errol Flynn. Some shit went down.

@nojo: That’s the least I could do. I’m intrigued by whether MKULTRA63 is a long-time lurker coming out of the shadows, or someone who regularly googles “Lena Horne” – who knows.

@blogenfreude: You must have some good-looking cousins, with that combo.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: xoxo

@SanFranLefty: in my 30s I walked down a Nashville street w/ their daughter, then 50. Porter Waggoner was flirting with a Grand Ole Opry ticket taker, and he stopped and stared. And not at me.

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