Freedom Tower

Don’t like the design, don’t like the 1,776 foot height silliness, but I’m glad the hole is filled. Here’s video of the top off:

And here’s a link to some Buzzfeed photos.

Worked a job downtown in late 2009 and stared into that hole every day from a height of twenty-some stories. Glad to see some semblance of normalcy return to downtown now that this construction and the demolition of the DB building is done.


I’m surprised it’s not red white and blue and is in the shape of a football. I guess there’s a limit to how much Americana you can jam into one building… right?

@ManchuCandidate: …or in the shape of a giant penis. I mean, really, how ridiculous would that…

Oh, wait. Never mind.

@Mistress Cynica: I magno verpa aut in domum cede. It’s engraved on my wedding ring.

I think it’s sort of sensational. It looks gorgeous from the Jersey side as seen from the bus approaching the Lincoln Tunnel. I greatly admired the Twin Towers (fun fact: the design was framed by the lights being on 24/7/365 so they became twin towers of light standing at the entrance to New York. Then the energy crisis hit and they had to install switches) but this shape seems more harmonious among the other buildings. Everything leads the eye upwards.

I saw the Twin Towers being topped out. In fact I ran from the draft sailed for the Olde Country past the towers as they were under construction and a fire broke out that caused significant damage. I could see it burning from the deck of the ship as we sailed down the Hudson.

Of course Catt has me beat in the topping out sweepstakes. He was there when they topped out the Capitol dome.

I suppose this news from the IRS will get the Faux News windbags’ heads a-spinning and change the subject from Benghazi 24/7.

@nojo: Brandenburg Concertos doubleplus good.

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