The stupid, it burns


Remind me never to get on a plane with this idiot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Stinque Post #7,000.

@nojo: Don Pardo, what do we have for Jamie?

@Dodgerblue: No, not Jamie. SFL. Comments are up 145,000-something.

@nojo: About a 20:1 ratio. Interesting.

@mellbell: And over 4-1/2 years. That’s a helluva average to maintain.

@nojo: We all deserve a pat on the back, no? But mostly (almost entirely) you.

My bumper sticker suggestion:

If A Republican Has A Brain
He’ll Never Win A Primary.

@mellbell: Just doin’ my unpaid job, ma’am. Oh, and also using the site as a guinea pig for mobile-friendly Flickr galleries, automagic layout, and — finally! — an iPad-friendly Rimshot Button.

@nojo: Rimshot button, check! Altho I think it’s snare + crash cymbal.

@Dodgerblue: Technically, yes. A real rimshot — Snap! — would be too brief for comic effectiveness. But “rimshot” is the generally accepted term for what the stoned drummer does when the drunk comic delivers a bad punchline.

@nojo: I bring my iPad to work meetings now and I can’t wait to fire up this great new feature!!

@Dodgerblue: Pure self-interest. A dude just wants to tap his own button now and then.

The rimshot is really nice, but there is nothing that compares to the braying sound of a vuvuzela in the middle of a boring afternoon. How I still mourn the loss of that button from my source of all things that are right and good in the world.

@Dave H: Like the World Cup, the Vuvuzela Button only happens every four years.

@nojo: Like the World Cup and presidential elections…every 4 years. Hurrah to you for herding cats for 6999 posts. I had no idea I was turning the clock for #7000 or I would have stepped aside for my Birkenstock-wearing hamster overlord.

P.S. the exclamation point after “Vote Pro-Life” is what totally slays me.

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