Unless They’re Hanging Out Car Windows

Happy Dick Day!


It’s not the size of the wand that matters, it’s how you use the magic.

They may like men with bigger penises, but most of them are willing to settle for mere mortals.

The authors of this study must have talked to my mom…

Still the most embarrassing secks talk I’ve ever had.

Of me with my jaw on the floor and my usually slanted eyes as wide as saucers as my mom gave me the “Asian men can’t secksually satisfy any non Asians” lecture?

It’ll still be better than my work ID photo. I look like I’m 900lbs.

Nota bene only the men are commenting.

Ah. Just got the headline. I think. Should it read, “Unless they’re pitched out of moving cars”?

ADD: Oh! (Catching up backwards.)

Whatever size – I’ve found it’s more important to have one that works. THAT impresses the ladies.

@JNOV: Chemotherapy is different from Viagra.

@JNOV: never down, just careful tending to make sure that I am there when … I need to be there.

EarwormJack: MacArthur Park is named after the general? After hearing that song for a half-century, I’m only learning this now?

(And how am I learning this? Streaming Dragnet. Second-unit sign shot. Never mind the Stinquer who drove me past the park a week ago and never mentioned it. Although he did point out the building on the badge. So there’s that.)

(Also: Harry Morgan will always be a cop who later moonlighted as an Army doctor.)

@nojo: Why did you just do that to me? The Song Eraser (Electric Avenue), isn’t working. :/

@nojo: Oh wow, I stopped by there on the subway during my recent visit. They really should rename it MacArthur Parque or Lil’ Ciudad de México.

@nojo: I did mention it, and noted that a person can buy anything a person wants there. Perhaps you were distracted by the neighborhood pupuserias.

@¡Andrew!: The best pastrami in the universe is to be found half a block from that subway station at Langers.

@nojo: I’ve heard that Over the Rainbow was named after Catt’s middle name. But I can’t be sure. You know how people exaggerate.

So many utterly pointless studies, so many utterly misinterpreted “results” reported as health news.

@nojo: @Benedick: Harry Morgan also played a hit man in a Marx Bros flick, the Big Store maybe.

@DElurker: Really? Wow. I’ll have to hunt that down.

I’m starting to watch the Sixties Dragnets for the first time since, well, since they were first broadcast. I can’t vouch for my eight-year-old taste, but Harry Morgan brings both humanity and dry comic timing to Jack Webb’s just-the-facts stiffness. It’s a better show than the Fifties version.

@nojo: I came in a season late on TSCC. Last night I started reading quotes from the show, not sure why — insomnia or intoxication — and I was like, whoa. I missed a lot of something.

I was thinking about redoing Battlestar. I saw the whole thing but got lost near the end.

Is Netflix still sucking? I might rejoin.

@flippin eck: No doubt funded in part by your tax dollars. If only I could have found a way to sex up preserving Native American languages about to go extinct, I might still be in academia.

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