A Beautiful Minefield

Bryan Fischer would welcome comparisons to Joe McCarthy, so we won’t give him the pleasure. Instead, we applaud the Shaming of Wingnut Apostates, and heartily encourage other Batshit Patriots to step up and clean house. You folks keep hankering for a civil war, so why not start at home?


Some long for a @GOP that’s a meaningful opponent to the Dems. I long for a @GOP that rends itself asunder. That tears itself apart. That hurls every wingnut into hell. That drives a stake through the very heart of conservatism.

Too much too soon?

@blogenfreude: Back when Liberal Republicans walked the Earth, Nixon signed off on the EPA. I wouldn’t mind an honest conservatism that actually tried to solve problems.

For that matter, I wouldn’t mind an honest liberalism that didn’t coddle war criminals, suck off Wall Street and insurance companies, and repeatedly tried to shaft seniors…

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