Lili (1995-2013)



Neither of us could stay and watch them do it. I am sort of consoled given that when we left, she was curled up on my coat preparing for a nap. The walk home was cold, but that’s a good way to remember her.

@blogenfreude: I feel for you. No matter how long our time with a cherished pet has been, it’s always too soon when she or he dies.

@blogenfreude: So sorry. Those little fur babies crawl into your heart and it hurts so bad when they go. Will break out the St. Francis candle for her tonight.

@SanFranLefty: At least she was pretty calm – she curled up on my coat and slept for a while as we waited for Noriko to get to the vet’s so we could say goodbye. When we went out I went to the desk to pay – she said “there’s no charge today” and I lost it. And thanks for the candle.

@blogenfreude: I’m so sorry for your loss. I know that it’s hell right now, but each day will get a little bit better. I wish I could remember the source, but there’s a quote that I’ve always found comforting: “Every man has gone through this. Go through it.”

I held our Australian Blue Heeler to comfort her when we put her down. The vet’s assistant administered the injection and Rosie fell asleep as I stroked her head and the back of her neck. I felt her pulse diminish to nothing.

We had her cremated. I went back to the vet’s the next week to get her remains. “I’m here to pick up my dog,” I said and gave her name. The receptionist looked her up and called over an assistant . They had a brief whispered conversation, put on their sad faces and went to the back. The assistant came out with a small metal box with a floral print.

“She’s a lot smaller than when I left her here,” I said. Some tall dude with the little tiny dog standing by the counter looked horrified. The cremation was not free.

These things happen. My dad had to put down a horse a few weeks ago, one that we’ve had for years. The disposal involved several guys, a truck and some heavy equipment.

@redmanlaw: Today is one year since I had to have my beloved kitty Gwydion put down. I got to be with him at the end, stroking him, talking to him, looking into his eyes, watching the pupils expand as he left us. It was strangely comforting for me to know I was the last thing he saw and heard on earth. However, everyone is different, and I completely understand not wanting to be there. (It was actually much harder for me when I had to have Nikita put down while I was away on business.) Their ashes (I refuse to say “cremains” ) are in lovely matching carved wood boxes on my dresser.

@Mistress Cynica: Speaking of which…

Just starting to implement iPad/iPhone friendly Jams, and there he is.

@nojo: Awww, the awkward post-op funnel-head. So sweet. Thanks.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m starting G’s painting on Tuesday. Will post updates in the sandbox.

@redmanlaw: $275 for individual cremation for Lili here – one hopes they don’t just do an Alistair Cooke on her. Thanks to all of you for the condolences – this cat was outspoken and near insane. But we loved her, and we tried to make her final minutes dignified.

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