Ol’ Wide Stance Loses

6a00d8341c6d4753ef00e54f3837c58834-800wiBathroom goblin Larry Craig used $200k or so of his campaign money for his defense when he got pulled over for soliciting hot gay sex in an airport bathroom. Larry wanted the resulting FEC case against him dismissed. And surprise! The judge ruled that the trial will proceed:

Craig had argued that the airport bathroom trip fell under his official duties as senator because he was traveling between Idaho and Washington for work, and therefore the legal fees could be paid for with campaign money.

But U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson rejected that argument. She wrote in her ruling that the charge against Craig didn’t relate “to his conduct as a legislator, but only actions undertaken in the privacy and anonymity of a restroom stall.” Jackson set a scheduling conference in the case for April 26.

This also gives us a chance to post this video again.

Ex Sen. Larry Craig Loses Bid to Dismiss FEC Lawsuit [Talking Points Memo]



Servicing lobbyists is a core job duty for Senators, no?

200K’s an extremely expensive closet.

When I saw this picture I thought it was connected with the Time magazine photos immediately below. It was a natural mistake.

While being as happy to gloat as the next men I must confess to being very disturbed by the entrapment aspect of this story. Say he’d been a businessman from Toldeo with a wife and children caught by a cop who was coming on to him would we be so happy? Of course, it’s Larry Craig so whatever but the entrapment aspect is too like the way things used to be for me to be able to completely enjoy this.

But kudos to brother Craig for the entire absence of shame where money is involved aspect.

@Benedick: I agree that, if the facts are as were described by the ex-Senator, this case could be rife with entrapment. However, the police report told quite a different story about who came on to who.

I can’t judge credibility at this distance. Both sides had an interest in spinning the facts.

However, he did plead guilty. In my mind that allows us the right to nail him on the hypocrisy of his conduct. Being a conservatard Republican is, on this point, quite different than a private citizen.

He may have been entrapped. We don’t know. But even turds get entrapped, and that doesn’t exonerate them from being turds.

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