Groan and the World Groans With You

If, like us, the thought has crossed your mind lately that politics is worse than listening to turtles fuck, now’s your opportunity to test the comparison.


also if Dennis Rodmanis on This Week you must have a point

Oh, that’s so interesting! The turtle’s penis is on the underside of its tail! Who knew?

@karen marie might be peeking just a little: Also, giant turtles exhibit a distinct preference for slow jams.


gag rodman?

I think that ship has sailed.

Dennis Rodman Cancels TV Hits After Controversial ABC This Week Appearance

Those two turtles reminded me of yesterday when my car rear ended an SUV. He slowed down as I was accelerating to clear an intersection and that hammered the brakes, but the roads were slick from the snow. Except my car took the beating… what do you expect from a Civic?

Why did it happen? Because the asshole in front of the guy I nailed decided to do a right turn in front of a bus. I was in the middle lane.

Spent today sulking and dealing with the insurance company.

Grumble grumble grumble.

In 1989 my sister and I visited the San Diego Zoo. At the Galapagos turtles compound lots of action like that heard above was going on. A gaggle of boys about 11 or 12 were beside themselves with glee, embarrassment, and God knows what. The rutters were remarkably loud.

Not much happening in the compound/cages. Gotta do something.

Something similar happened to me at the SD zoo a few years ago when a pair of Orangutangs decided to screw right in front of the viewing window. The old ladies and parents were ignoring/denying what was happening in front of them as the kids were pointing. I ran out of there laughing.

@ManchuCandidate: It’s a comforting thought to know that while I grind through hackwork at the coffehouse, beasties are getting crazy laid a couple miles down the street.

meet Bear the newest member of the family. 4 year old golden. one of my old people couldnt keep him.


@CaptHowdy: Talked to the Parental Units this morning. Their new rescue German Shepherd shepherds them on walks. As opposed to the late Husky, who would helpfully drag you uphill.


Huskies are not good for “walking” they are bred to pull.

@CaptHowdy: Getting a 503 error. I’ll switch to IE and see if that works.

Yep, that worked. I’m sure Nojo could tell us why. Very cute pups. Makes me miss my late, departed very loyal companion Sophie, a GSD/Chow/Aussie/God knows what else mix.

@CaptHowdy: How wonderful. Have we mentioned lately that you’re a really good person?

@CaptHowdy: So sad, not working for me either – 503.

Also, too, what Mistress C said.

ADD: Today the links are working. Lovely beasts! Yay!

oh thanks but IMO it doesnt take much of a person to give that wonderful creature a home. but a pretty damaged and shitty one not to if they could. golden retrievers are one of gods greatest gifts. funny goofy harmless beautiful and full of love for everyone and everything.

how many people have you ever heard of being attacked by a golden retriever?

besides everyone needs four dogs 8-P

@CaptHowdy: I love the pic of the dog pile. If I’m not mistaken, Benedick still has you beat with his five dogs. But two of them are pugs so combined they’re still smaller than one of your dogs.

Shoveling dog shit must be a chore for you.

# dogshit
it definitely will be now. last summer I only had two.

@CaptHowdy: Re dogshit: I find that a bucket helps. I put in a few inches of mulch then fill it up. To be emptied every two days. I’m lucky with all the woods surrounding the house, I take it someplace out of the way and empty it. Pug 2 is always very interested as it seems to be her life’s work to make sure that everyone is making the right kind of shit. She feels the need to smell it as it leaves the body. She makes me think of Tony Perkins or some of our other moral entrepreneurs sniffing at the assholes of others, disapproving if the stool is too light or too dark or, you know, too runny. I can now tell which dog leaves which particular dump. Such are the parameters of my life.

Your dogs are lovely. More than three and they start to act as a pack making their own rules. Our puppy, now a young lady complete with long elegant legs with white socks, is growing into her place but I suspect that pug 1 will remain top dog – inside at least. Outdoors the dachshund leads the hunting pack with baying and barking when on a scent. The girls will only go so far with him before coming back to find me. Pug 1, who is I suspect the reincarnation of a dowager empress of the Chin dynasty, goes off by herself to find bits of deer skeletons, bringing home the odd vertebra.

Four of ours sleep in the bed. There’s a great deal of snoring from the pugs. Nothing says happiness like a paw in the eye at 4 am.

my female Huskie is probably the top dog and lead hunter. she is the one who brings back nasty gifts. including in one case a dead possum. I have almost an acre ofd fenced yard so up until now I have been able to let rain and weather do the cleanup for the most part. I suspect those days are gone.

Bear was clearly used to sleeping in the bed. took him a while to get comfortable on the floor last night. I do not allow that. with three dogs over 80 pounds my bed is just not that big. plus my entire life is permeated with dog hair. with huskies more than you could imagine. the bed is the one place I draw the line.

had the same trouble with Daisy – the female husky. in her last house seems she was allowed on the bed but not the furniture. the opposite in mine.

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