CPAC Cage Match

This should be fun:



wow turned out of a party allen west is invited to. time to open your wrists pam.

I just unfriended and booted off my fb page a stupid twit who kept posting updates from allen wests fb page. it felt good.

Accorrding to commenter ARIADNEA, Grover Norquist is a very small, one-legged man, or something.

Pamella Geller has done more for your country and the world in opening people’s eyes on the danger of Political Correctness and Islamists on our society. CPAC better reconsider their decision, and instead place Grover Norquist on a microscope and give him a boot.

Well, we can’t have the batshit crazy eccentric relative hurling her conspiratorial feces around at The Convention, now can we? All must appear forthright, calm and serene for Teh Stoopid’s consumption and maximum donations to The Cause.

Back into the padlocked cellar with you, Pam… And keep the Gimp mask and soldering iron handy, mmm-kay?

Newtie might need a playmate. ;-P

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