Playe Him Offe, Manuscript Catt

Pawket Tweet.

The 15th-Century Equivalent of Your Cat Walking on Your Keyboard [Atlantic, via @LuxMentis]

A cat walks into an antiquarian book fair . . .

Well that’s about the best thing I’ve seen all week. That is a thing of beauty and wonder. For he can spraggle upon waggle. Which reminds me (all together: ruh roh) while watching the Westminster God Show our pugs were all kind of interested in watching the dogs on screen. Especially pug 2, the one who likes to play Angry Birds on the iPad, who was particularly fascinated by any of the smaller, pushed-in face kind of dog. And of course any kind of barking in the background set off wonderment and searches behind the TV, howling out the window, and big wet sloppy kisses – as the actress said to…

For a contemporary version of said cat on said monk’s lap think pug in present typist’s lap. She puts her paw on the keyboard to stop me typing. But unlike Stephen King I have a delete key.

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