How Do You Say “Chutzpah” in Mormon?

“This is the first time in the history that a presidential nominee for secretary of defense has been filibustered. What a shame.” —Harry Reid, mourning the use of nonconstitutional parliamentary tactics that he did nothing to prevent. [Politico]


“I don’t think we teach that.” – Profit Gordon B. Hinckley

@Benedick: Good one. The current profit has a Pepsi addiction. Does wonders for his die-bet-us. (A. Wilford Brimley is a mo.)

Good thing you got your big “fillibuster reform” through, Reid, you useless, spineless tool, you.

The downside of a leadership position is having to be a leader.

I’m beginning to wonder just what the GOP has on Reid. Surely he didn’t believe the Republicans were going to change their spots and behave like decent human beings during this second term. They must know something about his past that they’re threatening him with.

@lynnlightfoot: My guess is that at the heart of it, Reid’s fretting about Senatorial Privilege — what happens the next time Demrats are in the minority. All the “Traditions of the Senate” accrue to individual senators.

That worked well enough until one side decided to game the system as a matter of policy. Reid keeps hoping that the new “60-vote threshhold” will somehow go away if he waits it out, but that ain’t happening. Because you know Repugs will ditch the filibuster the first chance they get.

@nojo: I’m especially annoyed because I sent money to the group of senators headed by Merkley and Warren that hoped to take this ploy away from the THUGS.

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