They Still Deliver Saturday in Canada

Origins of 8 of the Strangest Place Names in Canada [Mental Floss, via The Loop]

Actually, they don’t. Canada City Post processes mail, but deliveries are Monday thru Friday.

When I was working at a courier company to pay for school, I used to load a lot of packages for Come-By-Chance Nlfd

@ManchuCandidate: I thought about checking that, and then I thought I’d live on the edge for once.

France has the most concentrated postal network in Europe, comprising 17,082 public outlets; 5,632 of these are in partnership with other businesses, known as Agences Postales (postal agencies) or Relais Poste (postal intermediaries). In smaller villages, for example, it would not be unusual to find such services offered in a bakery or other private enterprise. 90% of French people live less than 5 km from a public outlet.”

TJ/ I think this whole Richard III thing is hilarious. The Society to Restore HRH’s Good Name wants to run DNA tests on the bones of The Princes in the Tower and everyone from Westminster Abbey to HRH is like, “Er. No. You will not be digging about in the tooooooooombs for you might find all sorts of misplaced basssssssterds and then it’s the War of the Roses II.” I’d LOVE to see that!

@blogenfreude: plus they let you do totally unnecessary things like pay all your utilities and maybe cash a cheque or two, all in the same place. Prolly sell ciggies and serve coffee, too.

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