Too Little Too Late

I would have hoped for criminal charges of obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting child molestation, but I guess this is some sort of symbolic start. Maybe for their next gesture they can stop crawling all up in the wimminz’ lady-bits and pissing themselves over the gheyz and oh, I don’t know, reread Matthew 25:35-36 and start trying to act accordingly.

In a move unprecedented in the American Catholic Church, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez announced Thursday that he had relieved his predecessor, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, of all public duties over his mishandling of clergy sex abuse of children decades ago.


Gomez’s decision capped a two-week period in which the publication of 25-year-old files fueled a new round of condemnation of the L.A. archdiocese. The files of 14 clerics accused of abuse became public in a court case last Monday. They laid out in Mahony and Curry’s own words how the church hierarchy had plotted to keep law enforcement from learning that children had been molested at the hands of priests.

To stave off investigations, Mahony and Curry gave priests they knew had abused children out-of-state assignments and kept them from seeing therapists who might alert authorities.

Mahony and Curry both issued apologies, with the cardinal saying he had not realized the extent of harm done to children until he met with victims during civil litigation. “I am sorry,” he said.

[LAT: Cardinal Mahony Relieved of Duties/HT: Dodger]

The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than an organized crime syndicate.

@rptrcub: Stripping them of their tax-exempt status would be a start.

Best part about the last few weeks before an election – I get to skip Mass with Mrs. RML so I don’t get upset over the political messaging from the pulpit. I wish they spoke out on school board elections so I could miss Saturday evening Mass (going skiing on Sunday before The Game.)

Nice job keeping that moral high ground Cardinal.

Better and more appropriate way to keep Mahony from doing things in public: the FUCKING SLAMMER. The Catholic Church has actually managed to make the “too big to jail” banks look like good guys…

The L.A. area priest molester files are finally being made public after years of hassling by the church.

Roman Catholics here among us please correct me if I’m wrong but I have for some time thought that the church’s paralysis is largely doctrinal.

Am I right in thinking that in the Roman Catholic church moral authority does not lie with the priest. The priest can be as rotten as he likes it in no way can undercut the moral authority of the church. To believe that authority rests with the priest is the heresy of donatism which caused a major schism in the church that lasted centuries and was only settled after much bloodshed. Of course, the Reformation entirely shifted authority to the priest and then the worshipper. Consequently, if a priest shall we say errs the church is duty bound to work for his reclamation before all else. He must be allowed the chance to repent.

Hence the extent of this catastrophe? Does that sound plausible?

The children are the obstacle to forgiveness.

@matador1015: ooooohhhh, well played. You know your books of the Bible. I went to a school run by Benedictine nuns for 1st grade more than *cough* years ago, and book of Matthew is all I remember, and then I have to Google “Book of Matthew prison” to get the right Matthew chapter/number. Don’t remember reading in the first grade about all the virgins at the start of the relevant chapter.

I just realized why my skin crawls every time I see those dumb fucking stick-figure stickers of families stuck on the back windows of (naturally) SUVs – it gives me flashbacks to the Moroni/Catholic “Yes on 8” logo that is next to the cardinal’s face in the photo.

Besides, they’re just stupid and trashy and one level in KKKlass above the Calvin pissing on the Ford logo window stickers. /Sniffed the Dowager Countess

Lefty@SanFranLefty: Did you see the photo I uploaded to FB a while back of a car in Evanston IL (home of Northwestern and gateway to the uber-wealthy North Shore) that had stickers of matching Apple logos and a smaller “baby” Apple logo? Puke.

@flippin eck: Yes, I remember that posting, and agree, even worse.


That *might* have been a serviceable explanation if there were a few.

But a global conspiracy to abuse and steal children spanning decades? That’s the sort of endemic rot that indicates an organization has become utterly corrupted by the need to keep secrets. Covering up abuse wasn’t a single misguided act, it was fucking POLICY.

Cardinal “Hide The Molester” Mahony, having been relieved of churchly duties by the new guy, has gotten all huffy in the press (and flouncy, like with the robes and all?), claiming that he wasn’t trained in how to handle child molester priests. I’m not making this up. He’s a victim too, see?

MSNBC reported that there is documentation of child sexual abuse in this church that goes back to the 4th century.

Mahoney us still a priest in good standing and can perform the rites of the Church. If he had been a dentist and involved with the lis shut of you think he’d still be allowed to practice?

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