Erick Son of Erick Erickson is out at CNN

TBogg: “…and he learned that it is not considered ‘well mannered’ to call a retiring Supreme Court a ‘goat-fucking child molester‘. Or threaten to kill census takers. Or being such an obvious racist. Or a misogynist.” And – wait for it – he’s headed to Fox News. [FDL]


Going home. From the looks of that pic, Ewik’s been feasting at the CNN food services table.

@ManchuCandidate: You know who likes this asshole? Mike Lee. True. Mike Lee thinks Eric Erickson’s shit smells like frangipani (that is an extremely fancy word though I do say it myself). You know what I say? Fuck Mike Lee.

BTB, just installed a whole house generator at great expense and am now praying for power outages, rotting food in the frozen dept, and riots in the streets of Woodstock.


I wonder how long it would take for him to waddle over to Faux Noise headquarters?

Maybe he’s got a “Rascal”.

I think he stole the term “goat-fucking child molester” from me.

Greatest band name of all time:

The Goat Fucking Virgin Killers From Hell

They were from Berkeley in the mid/late ’80s and I kick myself to this day for never seeing their show or getting one of their tapes.

My personal preference would have to be for virgin fucking & goat killing, but whatever floats your boat.

Second best band name of all time:

Jack Lord’s Hair , an S.F. band from the same period.

TJ/ Does anyone know who Alice Turner is? A co-worker, really cool woman, told me that Alice Turner is her mother. I assumed she was related to Tina Turner or something, but the googles and wikipedia have let me down. I have know idea who she is except that she’s 47 and apparently a big deal.

@Benedick: Baxter should piss up Mike Lee’s nose and down his throat.

And yet another TJ/ Is there an underground music scene in Seattle or did it die with Layne Staley?

@Benedick: It’s folks like you that give schadenfreude a bad name.

@JNOV: Isn’t Alice Cooper a painted-face late middle age rock and roll white man? Didn’t he have a snake? And stick his tongue out a lot?

Baxter should piss up Mike Lee’s nose and down his throat. Everyone should. Not just crime lord cats.

@lynnlightfoot: I calls frangipani where I sees it.

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