Maybe Because Your Ideas Are Shit?

A former top aide to Mitt Romney says that she quit her career as a television pundit and began taking online real estate classes after the former Republican presidential nominee’s “brutal” loss to President Barack Obama. Bay Buchanan, the sister of former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, told the Washington Examiner that Romney’s defeat was a sign that it was time for her to find a new career. [Raw Story]


Has it come to this? She might have to work for a living? Might I suggest Hooters?

Maybe Mitt could pull some strings and get her a job at Staples, maybe something having to do with binders?

If only her “brother” (but you’re not fooling anyone Pat) did the same… two decades ago.

I hope this might start a trend. Peggy Noonan as cruise director on a Royal Viking ship (she’s too classy for Disney); George Will, once he completes the gender realignment surgery could open a tea shop in Arlington featuring freshly baked scones and home-made strawberry jam; Michael Steele could market his own line of designer eyewear of HSN; etc.

@Benedick: What about Mitt? I’m not sure whether to pursue the good hair or the horsey angle.

Now Mary and James are out at CNN.

@Dodgerblue: I’m seeing a reality show for him and his sons called Boystown in which, being an overgrown boy himself, he gets into all kinds of scrapes from which the boys have to rescue him. It’ll be a chance to see his lovable, fun side. Plus decorating on a budget tips from Ann. Plus Fuck Yeah! Craig Romney will come out.

@Dodgerblue: Taking inspiration from Lars and the Real Girl (good movie), I see Mitt as a Neiman Marcus dummy modeling the latest yachting fashions.

@Benedick: A Breck shampoo model? Do they still make Breck?

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